Road Safety: 7 Rules Nigerians Must Follow To Be Excellent Drivers 


Car, girl over vehicleRoad Safety: 7 Rules Nigerians Must Follow To Be Excellent Defensive Drivers 

Vehicle owners must know the stuff their vehicle is made of, the engine, transmissions, brakes and tires combine to form a whole package of every vehicle. All cars are made of different capacities – Toyota, Honda Accord, Porsche, Ferrari, trucks etc.

Some Nigerians still use manual vehicles and that’s a far cry from the automatic cars with more sophisticated gadgets. Both are handled differently, so, you should not be speeding around like you have a track-worthy sports car if your car is not engineered to go hard.

Also be aware of the safety features in your car and use them effectively.

Driving is one of the most visual demanding activities a person can engage in, thus a driver must use them obsessively to monitor the road, objects and people in front, by the side and behind.

You should constantly scan the three mirrors in your car, while your central focus should be on the road ahead. Try to retain a short-term mental picture of the activity around you; remember that truck, the pickup, the guy on the motorcycle, the dude who’s on over the speed limit, that pedestrian etc. By doing this, you can predict your next move and better manage your own on-road decision making.

Sadly, this is one major safety measure many Nigerian drivers fail to adhere every day, especially in a traffic-clogged road. While driving on a highway, you should create a lot of distance between you and the car in front of you, so as to execute evasive manoeuvres to avoid an accident or engage the antilock brakes in your cars to prevent rear-ending the vehicle ahead of you.

How much space? An expert recommends at least a semi truck length, which is about three cars length. In a stop-and-go traffic, where rear-ending is common, you can keep at least a couple of car lengths between yourself and the other person.

Such measures create big margin for error and prevent a lot of horrific road accidents where one vehicle can crash into another. Remember, tailgating a truck can turn any car into a convertible.

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Speed Limiting Device

Exceeding a speed limit of 60mph is an offence which so many modern car owners are guilty of. With horsepower vehicles around, Drivers weave in and out of traffic, running 20 or 30 miles over the limit and passing in all lanes

Road Safety: 7 Rules Nigerians Must Follow To Be Excellent Defensive Drivers 

Life is more important than objects, materials, therefore whatever is happening on that ‘tiny screen’ of yours can wait until you’re safely away from the road. Distracted drivers are not defensive drivers thus any driver can die a horrible death if he/she so much as fiddle with the AM/FM radio knob or phone. The activities on the road, while you’re driving is more realistic than what is happening with your phone.

Not just phone, texting, eating, drinking, playing loud music, socialising, engaging in argument and getting upset behind the wheel are all distractive driving and should be avoided at all costs.

Road Safety: 7 Rules Nigerians Must Follow To Be Excellent Defensive Drivers 

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