Rivers United Beat Rayon Sports 2-0 As The Gyration From Their Supporters Club Kept The Stadium Alive


On Sunday over the Easter weekend, Rivers United were victorious against visiting team Rayon Sports of Rwanda; winning 2-0 at the Yakubu Gowon Stadium in Port Harcourt. The match was the first leg tie of the CAF Confederation Cup second round which features 16 matches.

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The Match And Words From The Coach – Rivers United

Rivers United

Though Rivers United came out victorious, the team was a little rusty on their game play. Rivers United still has a lot of work to do if they intend to come out of this tournament as champions. Rwanda’s Rayon Sports came with some serious energy; as this match was a very big deal not just for the club, but to the country as a whole.

Unfortunately, the home team held their grounds leaving Rayon Sports wanting. The away leg for Rivers United might not be as easy as it was over the weekend if Rivers United does not work on its loose ends.

The coach Willie Udube (Rivers United) blamed the lack of clinical performance from his team on the fact that his boys have lost confidence in recent times. But he was very confident that the team will work on their form and take the club back to its glory days.

Rayon Sports

Rivers United

The coach “Masoudi Juma” (Rayon Sports) accepted the defeat fair and square, but he was not shy to mention the fact that the game is a 180 minutes game. He made it clear that the first half of the game has only been played. However, there is still another 90 minutes of game play remaining to be played at their home in Rwanda.

Rivers United

The coach further added that though they lost 2-0, they could on the other hand win 7-0 in the next leg; as anything can happen and they will be prepared for Rivers United after studying their game.

Rivers United Supporters Club

Rivers United

In my opinion, the Rivers United Supporters Club were the true players and winners of the day. The club came out in numbers and kept the energy in the stadium high and vibrant with over 90 minutes of non-stop gyration. Watch the video below:

They sang all types of gyration songs to motivate their team; they danced, played various instruments and cheered on even when clear-cut chances and mistakes were made by their team.

Goal Scores For Rivers United

Rivers United

Rivers United had enough opportunities to put in more than 2 goals, but their lack of efficiency only left them finishing the match with 2 goals.

  • 29th Minute – Emeka Atuloma
  • 51st Minute – Guy Kuemian

In conclusion, I was very impressed with Yakubu Gowon Stadium, Port Harcourt; it was well secured, very clean and in very good shape. The pitch was well maintained and the football match went on peacefully.

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Rivers United

Though it was a football match, it was a very good place to meet new people and get socially involved over the common interest of the game. Kudos to the home team (Rivers Untied) for making their fans proud with an amazing victory while keeping a clean sheet.

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