Ritualist Beheads 4 Year Old Boy In Osun State After Luring Him With Groundnut


The quest for money and fame can drive people to insanity, and to think that an innocent child would be caught up in the greed campaign of a desperado is heart breaking. As reported by Tribune, four-year old Bakare Teslim was lured by a member of a group of ritual killers, Ganiyu Tajudeen, who took the boy from his parents’ home in the pretense that he was going to buy him groundnuts, only to murder him in the bush.

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The matter escalated when Ganiyu did not return with Bakare. The toddler’s father, Ismail, asked Ganiyu about his son whom he went out with, but Ganiyu denied that he ever saw the little boy. His claim was however contradicted by an elderly woman who lived in the same compound with Bakare’s father, she said she saw Ganiyu take the young boy out.

Ganiyu and the carcass of beheaded Bakare

The case was immediately reported to the office of the Operatives of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, (FSARS), Osun State Command, and through intensive interrogation, Ganiyu confessed to haven taken the boy to an unknown destination with the sole aim of using him for money ritual. He said that himself and his gang members had cut off Bakare’s head and buried it in a shallow grave and then threw his body within the same vicinity and buried it with leaves.

“I am a palm fruit cutter. The mother of the boy came to my house to tell me that she would need my services to cut palm fruits, asking me to come the following day. But I went to her house at about 5.30 p.m same day. I took the young boy with me, with the belief that no one noticed when he was going with me. I bought N20 worth of groundnut for him before taking him to my house at Iyana Olofa.”

FSARS arrested the 25-year-old Ganiyu, who initially claimed that he got Bakare at the prompting of his partner, Moshood, who had earlier asked him to bring the urine, blood and hair of a young boy, when he went to Moshood for money ritual and for protection. The suspect added that he went to Abdulwasiu for the same ritual and he also asked him to bring a boy. Ganiyu also indicted his father, Abidoye, in his statement, saying that he also told him to kill the boy and bury his body so that his acts would not be exposed.

Ganiyu told the police that he took the deceased to Olokede bush where he cut his head with a knife and buried it, while he threw the body away. Investigations showed that Ganiyu had once been arrested in 2012 for stealing a child at Otapete area of Iragbiji. He was said to have been beaten and macheted by indigenes of the town before he was taken to the police station, while the rescued boy was returned to his parents. Ganiyu was eventually charged to court and spent seven months in Ilesa prison.

Ganiyu and his other accomplices have been dragged before an Osogbo magistrates’ court on a four-count charge of conspiracy, kidnapping, murder and unlawful and intentional killing of Teslim Bakare. The suspects, whose pleas were not taken by Magistrate B.B Idowu Ajao, ordered that the suspects be kept in prison till February 18th for the next hearing on the case.

The general public is saying that the release of Ganiyu would be detrimental to the safety of children in and outside Osun State. Bakare is not the first child he is allegedly kidnapping, and if nothing is done to stop this habit, he would commit more crime and kill more innocent children.

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