The Rise of Nuisance Calls in Nigeria and How to Beat it

Most phone owners in Nigeria have experienced this: Your phone rings, it could be an important business call, so you dash to answer it, but no one responds on the other end. After some seconds, a recorded message tells you that you have won a trip or a huge amount of cash. Whether the message is peddling accident compensation or any other spurious claim, these types of calls can be a toll. And if you think there are a lot of them out there, you are right. Nuisance calls are a rapidly skyrocketing problem for many phone owners.

Beating Nuisance Calls

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing more deceiving than nuisance calls telling you that you have won a car, money or a trip. For those who are unaware, spam calls are just scams and can end up costing them something very valuable. Fortunately, Truecaller is trying to offer a very easy and quick solution to all these predicaments:

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a very handy and popular communication app that can help you protect yourself from scammers, shady business calls as well as redeem your privacy. It is easily available from different app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App store and very straightforward and simple to use. Here is how it can help you beat spam calls and messages:

1. Block spam calls

Truecaller will not only save you from wet blanket calls or annoying commercial calls, but it will also identify unwanted telemarketers and spam callers and then block them. The app does the work automatically for you because it has a huge database of spam callers and telemarketers that has been reported by the community in your region. So in most cases you do not have to do anything. Users of the app can also create a black list and then add it to the spam list. When the blocked caller calls, they will just get a number busy notification, while you won’t hear anything. A user can choose to be alerted about these calls or not be notified at all.

2. Block spam SMS

The latest version of the handy application has a new messaging feature that allows you to take total control of your messages. It allows you to immediately see who is sending you SMS and if there are any spam messages, Truecaller will filter them out.

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3. Caller ID

Whenever you get a call, Truecaller will instantly display the name of the person or the company that is calling. At the end of the call it will give you various options including, saving the number or report it as spam.

4. Flash Messaging

Flash Messaging is the new way to communicate with your friends and family! Flash maintains the urgency of phone calls while being a simpler and short-answered way of messaging. It’s fast, free and fun! There are moments in our lives when we need quick answers for simple questions. With the sense of urgency being low for responding to SMS we needed a new way to ensure that people get closure in communication.

5. Number & Name Lookup

You can also search for any number or name with the app. Just copy or enter the specific number and it will display the name associated with it and any other information like country, profile picture and phone carrier if the user as agreed to share it publicly. You can also type a name and the app will return various related matches. For safety and privacy reason, you need to request a person mobile number to see the information.

6. Ask to call back

When both parties have Truecaller installed, The Truecaller app has an interesting call back feature for users. The feature allows you to see if your contact is busy or available to talk, you can also send out a call back request. You will also receive push alerts for missed calls so as not to forget essential calls.

Spam and telemarketing calls can be very annoying especially when you are busy or expecting a very important call. Unfortunately, many companies are exploiting the telecom technology to reach millions of cell phone users, while constituting significant disturbances to the recipients. But with handy apps such as Truecaller, you can easily prevent such calls and redeem your privacy and safety.


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