Rio Olympic 2016: Watch As 400m Racer Dives For Gold Medal


It was a sensational sweet dive for the Gold that ‘wowed’ the crowd as 400 meters Olympic racer, Shaunae Miller won the 2016 Rio Olympic Gold Medal by stumbling just few meters more across the finish line.

As much as she did not anticipate the accidental fall, it turned out be a route for her to outshine American world champion, Allyson Felix to win in 49.44 seconds.

Felix took (second) silver in 49.51 seconds with Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson (third) who took bronze.

The media described Millers victory in the women’s 400m final on Monday, August 14 as a magnificent if not a lucky win. But the Bahamian might be feeling a little sore from the minor cut and bruises sustained from the fall. Rio Olympic Race: Watch As 400m Racer Dives For Gold Medal

Only the 22-years old could describe the moment more than anyone else and here’s what she said:

Rio Olympic Race: Watch As 400m Racer Dives For Gold Medal
The Epic Moment Shaunae Miller stumbles for Olympic Gold Medal

“The only thing I was thinking was the gold medal and the next thing I know I was on the ground. It was just a reaction.”

Sports obviously does not belong to any one in particular, racing can be totally unpredictable. You might win or loose. Even Great Britain’s Christine Ohuruogu, who won Olympic gold in 2008 and silver in 2012, failed to reach the final.

Rio Olympic Race: Watch As 400m Racer Dives For Gold Medal
Proud victorious moment for Miller at the Olympic stadium

Back in 2015, Miller had finished second behind Felix at the World Championships in Beijing, but this time, she topped Felix to grab the Olympic gold medal.

“I don’t know what happenedMy mind just went blank. I heard my mom screaming. When I heard her screaming, I was like, ‘OK, I had to have won the race.”

A flagbearer for her country, the Bahamas, Miller shed tears of joy as she told BBC Sports,

“It is such an emotional moment for me. Before I came into the race I told myself, ‘This is the moment I’ve been waiting for’ and I just gave it my all.” 

Shaunae Miller’s coach said her legs gave out at the line and that the dive was not intentional.