To Avenge His Death, See What Young Man Was Buried With [Photo]


A 22-year old young man, Richmond Osei, a.k.a Tawiah, who was shot dead by the police was laid to rest on Thursday, June 16. Tawiah, a Ghanaian, was buried amidst the unleashing of curses by the family on those responsible for the death of their son.

The young man was said to have been brutalized to death by the police on patrol duty after he was mistaken as a thief. During his burial, the family who are determined to see to it that their son’s killers ended up like him in no time, put some items such as eggs, cutlass, bullet cartridge, knife, a piece of kente cloth, a pair of shoes, cup and a broom in his casket. According to them, the items are meant to be used by the deceased in the spirit world to avenge his death.

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Ghana boy
22-Year-Old Ghanaian Man, Richmond Osei, Buried With Cutlass, Bullets To Avenge His Death.

His aunt claimed said she had ‘nsamankom‘ (a trance that helps the living to communicate with the dead) and Taiwah gave an instruction to the family through her to put the items in the coffin in order to help him kill those who sent him to an early grave.

The family opposed the autopsy report which said Richmond Osei died of natural causes, stating it was wrong. Following the conclusion of the report, it was alleged that the young man died of a heart attack. Speaking during an interview, one of the family members said:

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“It’s all about tradition. We want him to haunt his killers by using these items. He shouldn’t allow them to go scot free, he should deal with them in equal measure, we want him to use the cutlass to butcher the police involved in the act and any management member of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) who also has a hand in his death.”

In the traditional religions of Africa, just like many other religions of the world, it is believed that life does not end with death, but continues in another realm. This is the foundation upon which some practices are built including equipping a dead man with weapons he’ll need to kill whoever it was that made him die untimely. Surprisingly, in many cases, the suspected killer dies soon afterwards and it is believed that the spirit of the one he killed as avenged his death.