Top 50 Richest Africans – Full List According to Forbes


Forbes Magazine is a publication that is well-known for their high quality, well researched and comprehensive lists when it comes to business, entertainment, politics or Technology, the company has released their list of the 50 Richest Africans and Nigerian industrialist Aliko Dangote is still number one with a net worth of $20 billion – $8.8 billion more than in November 2012, making him the biggest gainer in dollar terms. About 90% of his net worth lies in his shares of publicly traded Dangote Cement which has operations in a host of African countries and plans to expand. Forbes attributes the increase in the number of billionaires to rising stock prices, new business deals, and new moguls and assets discovered

Africa’s richest are getting richer. In 2003, Forbes counted only two billionaires in Africa – Nicky Oppenheimer and Johann Rupert, both of South Africa, now there are over 50 of them.

Here’s a Comprehensive List of 50 Richest Africans

richest_africans_1 - 50 Richest Africans in 2013


richest_africans_3 - 50 Richest Africans in 2013