Cancelled Nationwide Protest: Reuben Abati Reveals The Two Faces Of Tuface Idibia


In a piece titled “The Two Faces of Tuface,” public commentator and media professional, Reuben Abati writes about the anti-government nationwide protest and the fact that Tuface backed out.

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Known for his spectacular write ups, Reuben Abati reveals The Two Faces of Tuface, painting possible scenarios that would have led the singer to cancel a protest he once campaigned for with so much zeal and passion.

The Two Faces of Tuface – Read Excerpts

“Tuface’s decision to lead a protest to register the dissatisfaction of Nigerians with the performance of the incumbent administration and to reiterate the value of government’s responsibility to the people was his finest moment as a citizen and artiste. But it is also now, with his Jammeh-like volte-face, his worst moment.

“But activism comes with a price. Tuface obviously didn’t bargain for that. He received enormous support. His announcement of the February 5, later February 6 protest energized the angry, frustrated Nigerian base, and drew our unrelenting “children of anger” back into an overdrive on social media.”

Reuben’s The Two Faces of Tuface also highlighted that some remarkable protests in history across the world was successful because of the fire in the bellies of the protestants and their readiness to command a revolution at all cost, something Tuface failed to express at the last-minute.

He cited the protest against Yahya Jammeh in Gambia; the protest against Trump’s ban on seven Muslim-majority countries; Cameroonians protest over discrimination against English-speaking Cameroonians and the Brexit protest among others.

Reuben continued:

“It looked initially as if Tuface had that burning fire in his belly, but he couldn’t make that leap between self-preservation and the risks of rebellion. He had appeared on television. He spoke confidently about the need for real change in Nigeria. He encouraged Nigerians to come out en masse to support the movement.

“He even announced the colour and dress code of the protest. His wife stood by him and she, too, talked about her husband’s convictions about national progress and good governance.

“Each time Tuface appeared in the media, during those five minutes in the sun, he looked bright and determined. But everything changed late Saturday evening.

“The recorded video of Tuface’s volte-face, announcing the cancellation of the Feb. 6 protest showed him looking dispirited, broken, ashamed as if he had been shaken up and chastised.

He looked unsettled with his scraggy, uncombed beard. It is not difficult to know when a man’s balls have been squeezed.

Two FacesThe Two Faces of Tuface - Reuben Abati Reveals The Struggles Of Tuface's Decision To Back Out Of Protest

“Tuface actually deserves our sympathy. He must have gone through a lot of pressures that broke his spirit. His capitulation makes us appreciate even better the heroism of those who always stood up to dictatorships.

“His example is indeed a great lesson…And I mean that positively for the fact that. Despite the massive support that he received, he also received a lot of discouragement.”

Reuben also spoke about some people [the Nigerian Police, the Presidency, Blackface, among others] who opposed Tuface’s protest and how they will be smiling now that he backed out. He talked about the stupidity of people who called Tuface unfit for leadership because he had seven children from three women, also stating that his family must have contributed to holding him back as they remind him of how Fela’s mum, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti got killed and how Fela’s house was burnt down.

“Let no one blame Tuface,” he continued, “his stage name Tuface is the name of Janus: the two-faced Greek god, who looks in two directions. When it mattered most in his career, Tuface Idibia answered the call of his name!”

The Two Faces of Tuface – Read Full Story Here.

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