Samsung Releases Statement Over Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Exploding


Phone makers Samsung are having a really hard time over the exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

With reports of the replacement phones also exploding and causing serious damage and safety concerns, Samsung is in the eye of the storm.

The Korean phone manufacturer is presently dealing with another media nightmare.

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This is following reports of exploding replacement Galaxy Note 7 units coming on with worrying frequency.

First, a supposed replacement Note 7 phone, that was turned off, caught fire in its owners pocket.while aboard a Southwest flight before departure earlier this week.

This happened while aboard a Southwest flight before departure earlier this week.

Another supposedly safe Galaxy Note 7 has also been reported to  have ignited in Taiwan.


Due to the growing concern, telecommunication companies in the US are now offering a free replacement with another phone of their choice to distressed customers for their Note 7.

Replacement Galaxy Note 7’s Blowing Up!

AT&T Telecoms is reportedly considering stopping sales of the handset completely.

Samsung were briefly quiet about the development, but have now issued the following statements on the matter.

Regarding the reported incident aboard the Southwest flight, Samsung said:

“Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note7.

“We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause.

“Once we have examined the device we will have more information to share.”

Not long after releasing the brief statement, Samsung released another longer response shortly after.

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Samsung says they are working to determine the cause and check if any safety issues exist with the replacement Note 7.

The statement read:

“Samsung understands the concern our carriers and consumers must be feeling after recent reports have raised questions about our newly released replacement Note7 devices.

“We continue to move quickly to investigate the reported case to determine the cause and will share findings as soon as possible.

“We remain in close contact with the CPSC throughout this process.

“If we conclude a safety issue exists, we will work with the CPSC to take immediate steps to address the situation.

“We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously and we appreciate their patience as we work diligently through this process.”

If the reports are confirmed, Samsung might have to pay fines and completely withdraw the Galaxy Note 7 range.

Samsung Share prices have continued to plunge over fears of losses due to the failing Note 7 range.

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