14 Airlines Have Folded Up Under Buhari’s Leadership – Reno Omokri


A Former Special Assistant to immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan on electronic media, Reno Omokri has said that it is embarrassing that 14 airlines have folded up under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari .

Mr .Omokri’s said the takeover of ARIK Air by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) is a reflection of the bad economic policies of Government and the difficuly of doing business in Nigeria.

The former presidential aide in series of tweets on Friday called on the Federal Government not to turn itself to an undertaker by torturing businesses.

According to him, AMCOM has not managed previous businesses it took over from their owners and as such, should not take over the management of Arik Airline.

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He said:

“With what’s been done to Arik, the Nigerian Govt wants to turn itself to an undertaker for businesses in the country.”

“Just as we chased @richardbranson [email protected] from Nigeria due to bad policies we want to also destroy Arik.”

“What business has AMCON ran successfully after taking it over? Govt should help struggling businesses stay afloat.”

“AMCON took over AeroContractors and look at what happened to that airline! Govt should nurture not torture businesses.

“Arik has been operating under terrible conditions in part due to unreasonable forex policies of the @MBuhari admin.”

“Since the @MBuhari admin came on board,14 airlines have left Nigeria. Why are airlines leaving under PMB?

“Arik and other airlines have to take loans at killer rates to buy forex at ridiculous rates. Why wont they struggle?”

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“With what has been done to Arik today, who in his right mind will come and invest in Nigeria’s aviation industry.”

Omokri said it was unfortunate that the disparities in the allocation of Foreign exchange have continued despite outcry from economists outside government circles.

“Pilgrims, emirs, cronies and others can get forex at ridiculously low rates yet genuine businesses like Arik can’t.”

“Nigerian Airline are over taxed, starved off forex, can’t get aviation Fuel, can’t get insurance. What do we expect?”