Foods and Recipes From Our Motherland Nigeria

If you’ve talked to most Nigerians and asked for recipes, you’ll notice that we have a hard time giving recipes because we do not usually measure how much ingredients we use, or how much time it takes to prepare…we go on gut, taste, experience, and monitoring the food. Our recipes below are an attempt to describe how to make some of the dishes mentioned on the¬†food page, and different people might have other suggestions. These recipes can be modified to taste if desired.

Also, in terms of size and length, we try to include both the English system of measure, and the International System of measurement. The conversions used are not exact, because even though half an inch is 1.27 centimeters, it probably doesn’t make much sense to aim for that in cooking, 1 centimeter might be enough, or 1.25 centimeter, so we try to keep it simple.

Outside of Nigeria, you can sometimes obtain Nigerian ingredients at African, Caribbean, or Asian food/grocery store.)

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