Don’t Buy Airtime Recharge Vouchers From Banks, Patronize These People Instead


With the rise of technology and enhanced banking system, people are now used to buying recharge vouchers from banks, rather than the conventional method.

Recently, Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede, who is the daughter-in-law-to-be of late Bukky Ajayi, shared a post on her Instagram page urging Nigerians to stop patronizing banks with regards to recharge vouchers.

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She posted a munched picture with a message urging Nigerians to desist from enriching banks through recharge vouchers and depriving the poor of their daily earnings.

She then added her own words to buttress her point:

“I have bought airtime for almost a year now by dialing my phone because I thought the stress has been taken away. Honestly, this message just made me have a rethink. What stress could be more stressful than the fear of unemployment? I know the stress has been taken from a lot of us who hate to scratch cards to recharge but I believe this message will touch someone just as it did mines. #BuyFromRoadVendors.”


While many people, who are beneficiaries of the easy access way of recharging, may disagree with Yvonne’s protest, some others see the sense in her ideology.

Roadside vendors make a living out of the recharge card business, no matter how minimal it is. Also, loading airtime vouchers directly attract some bonuses, both in text messages, call time and data. Therefore, the stress of dialing 12-15 digits on the phone [depending on the service provider] is compensated, even though going out to buy the card and scratching it might be tedious to some people.

On the other hand, using mobile money or internet banking seems fast and convenient, but this is what it does:

  • Makes you buy more and call more [most times irrelevantly].
  • Does not give any extra value for your money.
  • Increases your bank SMS charges at the end of the month.
  • Gradually phases out roadside vendors.
  • Increases unemployment rate.

Yvonne has triggered some discussions via her ‘Say no to recharge vouchers’ protest and some of her fans agree that recharging via banks is not the best way forward for both the consumers and the roadside vendors.

Here are what some of her followers think about this issue.

Love_joy_smile: “This is great Yvonne dear, using your platform to help some poor folks.

Folasade_ashley: “Me too I can’t remember buying from the roadside, and the bank will charge us for the text message they sent us ooo.”

[email protected]_arziki: “That N300 will feed them till the next day…. it will make a difference….if you can try though.”

Eedna_iliya: “Weh don ma u didn’t even include borrowing from da netwrks while dey remuv 10naira just lk dat n still remuv all thr money wen u load.”

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Callmepeece: “I just recharged from my acc, n I rember a woman selling airtime in my area telling me last week “Aunty am still selling recharge card o,abi u don get another customer???” I smile n said no,t his message is for me.”

Bellaifee: Just a quick one, when you are buying from the bank or other mobile money agents, it’s not just a machine. Human beings are at those banks and companies whose jobs are solely to increase the number of people who buy airtime from the banks. Take that away from them, and you are still making people lose their jobs. I’m not saying don’t buy from hawkere…I am saying whichever route you choose to take, someone will still go hungry. You can decide which is the better route for you.”

Don't Recharge Airtime From Banks, Patronize These People Instead
Yvonne Jegede

Which do you prefer? Online recharge vouchers from banks or recharge cards from roadside vendors?

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