Recession or Not, Upgrade your Properties this Christmas with Emilinks Premium Quality Doors at Unbeatable Prices!

In Nigeria of today, the prices of virtually everything has increased, but thanks to Emilinks Limited (global), Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of premium quality doors, the prices of doors have been falling. Back in June this year, the company launched a never seen before N1 billion worth of discounts promo significantly crashing the prices of her premium quality doors.

A 900mm x 2.1m hand-finished solid wooden door previously sold for N350,000 was crashed to N150,000 and N120,000. Also, the bestselling solid wood flush doors that is used in thousands of new homes across the country was crashed from N110,000 to only N50,000. The economic versions which previously sold for N60,000 was crashed to N30,000. Many Nigerians as a result of these massive discounts were able to complete their abandoned building projects.

In the same patriotic spirit, to help raise the awareness of the importance of doors in the society, the chairman of Emilinks Limited, Mr. Solomon E. Nwadiogbu gave away the sum of N3 million to 300 creative Nigerian youths in August during the #MyDoorStory creative writing competition. Below is one of such true life bad door experiences as recounted by Anyi Abraham during his undergraduate days in school.

“Safety, Protection and shield to me are the core importance of doors. In my life, the significance of doors cannot be overemphasized. There was an experience that exacerbated my love for doors. Back then in school I used to live in a room apartment with a roommate who cares less about safety. On this very night 30th of December 2009 while at sleep, thieves broke into our room and took away my “first ever loving laptop” and injured my roommate with a cutlass. It was a very easy operation aided by our wretched nail-padded wooden door. My guy lost lots of blood and I was so afraid ever since that day. The truth is if our door was solid, it would have been an exercise in futility for those nightwalkers… Since then, doors become my priority and a prerequisite for any livable apartment am to live in.”

Now that the year is gradually winding up, to ensure that many Nigerians don’t fall victims to such bad door experiences due to substandard doors, the chairman of Emilinks Limited has decided once again to further crash the prices of the company’s exotic pure solid wooden doors. From the already discounted price of N150,000 since June, Nigerians can now get the same doors with the same premium quality for N130,000 to N80,000 and the flush doors formerly N50,000  for N45,000!

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To launch the Emilinks Unbeatable Price Christmas Promo, Mr. Solomon E. Nwadiogbu said;

“In Nigeria, our mission is to eliminate sub-standard products from the market system and one of the obstacles we are facing due to the current economic situation is low purchasing power. From our market research, we realized price is the major reason why Nigerians buy substandard products and that’s why we’ve decided to further bring down our prices to enable them enjoy the best quality doors at unbeatable market prices.”

He further went ahead to outline 10 core attributes Emilinks stands for;

  • Value: we sell superior products that add value to the Nigerian society.
  • Quality: we offer quality products that give our customers value for their money.
  • Durability: our products have the capacity to last up to 50 years and above.
  • Affordability: we believe in making exclusive products affordable for Nigerians.
  • Style: our products are trendy, modern and stylishly made to enhance your property.
  • Elegance: we create sophisticated products that portray our customer’s good taste.
  • Class: we are passionate about helping Nigerians add a touch of class to their properties.
  • Exclusive Designs: our products are uniquely designed to stand out in the market.
  • Humidity Friendly: our products help to calm the atmosphere of your interiors.
  • Safety: our security doors are not only durable but are the most secured for lives and properties (guaranteed)

Starting from the 1st of November, 2016 till the end of January 2017, Nigerians are guaranteed of buying premium quality doors from Emilinks at unbeatable market prices with frame, handles and hinges. Also available are 100% Italian most secured security doors classified, kitchens and wardrobes at the best quality and prices ever, nobody globally can match our prices.

All Emilinks products come with money back guarantees; delivery and installation services are also available after purchase. This promo is exclusive to only the loyal and esteemed customers of Emilinks, lovers of good things.



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