30 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bicycle (Part II)


In a previous article, we started nicely on some of the 30 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bicycle. We highlighted its amazing health benefits, which includes increase in sex live, boast in brain power and lots more. You may like to check out that article in order to be in total sync with this, which is a continuation. However, after reading this, you should be considering buying a bicycle if you haven’t gotten one yet. Let’s ride on . . .

11. Avoids Pollution

You need to cycle more because it helps reduce the rate of pollution in your environment. Researchers found that passengers in buses, taxis and cars inhale more pollution than cyclists and pedestrians. On average, taxi passengers are exposed to more than 100,000 ultra-fine particles, which can settle in the lungs and damage cells per cubic centimeter.

Bus passengers suck up just under 100,000 and people in cars inhale about 40,000. Cyclists breathe in fewer fumes because they ride at the edge of the road and, unlike drivers, they are not directly in the line of exhaust smoke. But for someone riding a bicycle, there are no fumes generated, and none inhaled.

12. It is Good Breeding

According to a research from Michigan University in the US, mums-to-be who regularly exercise during pregnancy have an easier, less complicated labor, recover faster and enjoy better overall mood throughout the nine months. The baby also has a 50 percent lower chance of becoming obese and enjoys better in utero-neuro-development. There’s no doubt that moderate exercise such as cycling during pregnancy helps the mother and protects the fetus.

13. With Snacking You Can Eat Anything at Anytime

As long as you know you can always burn the fat via pedaling you won’t feel guilty the next time you want to snack up. It gives you the perfect excuse to munch food you might normally avoid. The sodium in them helps protect your body against hypo-natraemia, a condition caused by drinking too much water without enough sodium that can lead to disorientation, illness and worse.

Bicycle Riding

14. Improves Sporting Abilities

Whether you want to stay in good shape or just improve your weekly tennis game, a stint in the saddle is the way to begin. A recent medical study from Norway carried the title Aerobic Endurance Training Improves Soccer Performance, which makes it pretty clear that the knock-on benefits to other sports and activities are immense.

15. Attracts New Friends

As a cycler, you can join cycling groups to make it fun, and that’s just another way of elongating your friend’s list. Even your boss will love you when she finds out you cycle on every other day. And if the boss is a guy, he would love a female staff who’s got a lycra-clad buttocks that entices clients as well. Also, studies explained that employees who exercised before work or at lunchtime improved their time and workload management, and it boosted their motivation and their ability to deal with stress.

16. Heal Your Heart

Regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50 percent. According to the British Heart Foundation, around 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if people kept themselves fit. Cycling just 20 miles a week reduces your risk of heart disease to less than half that of those who do not exercise.

17. Enjoy Healthy Family Time

Bicycle riding

Cycling is an activity the whole family can do together. The smallest baby in the family can hop into the seat of the mother or father, and if the little champ is up to a year, he can help himself with a mini bike. Cycling is not difficult to learn and anybody can get on it after a few lessons, even grandparents too can join.

Kids are influenced by their parents’ exercise choices:  if your kids see you riding regularly, they think it is normal and will want to follow your example. Also, people who ride bicycles as kids are better car riders as adults, because they are already used to riding and accustomed with roads and its signs.

18. Reduces Risk of Cancer

Any exercise is useful in warding off cancer, however. some studies have shown that cycling is specifically good for keeping your cells in good working order. Men who exercised at a moderate level for at least 30 minutes a day were half as likely to develop cancer as those who didn’t. Also, women who cycle frequently reduce their risk of breast cancer by 34 percent.

19. Increases Lose weight

The saddle is the best place to shed that weight off while pedaling. A lot of people who want to burn fat think jogging is the best way. Running sure burns some tons of fat, but cycling reduces the weight by two to three times If you apply same work out time. If you don’t the accuracy of this comparison, there is only one way to find out the truth- cycle!

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20. Saves Money

Being fat and fatigue requires some investment if you want to shed it off. You would need to buy some weight loss pills, creams and even register nothing less than 6 months work-out training in a gym. However, with cycling, all you need to do is buy a good pair of bicycle, which would cost you about N25, 000 to N40, 000, depending on the quality you desire. A brand new bike if well maintained can last 10-15 years – so long a time to save money from those expensive weight loss pills. Watch Out For More Reasons to Cycle in the Final Part of This Article.