Parapagus: Woman Delivers Rare Cojoined Twins In Lagos


Doctors at Med-In Specialist Hospital, Osogbo Street, in the Ogudu area of Lagos State have delivered a woman of cojoined twins – seemingly a baby girl with two heads.

The babies born around 6:30pm on Tuesday through an elective caesarean section, have two heads with oxygen tubes strapped on each, a neck, chest, two legs and two hands.

The Nation reports that the cojoined twins were resuscitated and transferred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) on Wednesday for advanced care.


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Med-In Hospital Manager, Dare Moses said the babies were taken to LUTH so that tests can be conducted to ascertain if they also share vital organs like hearts and lungs.

Expressing hopes for their survival, Dr. Moses said there is need to find out if they share major organs together, as they may have to be flown abroad for separation if they have separate hearts and other vital organs.

Narrating how the delivery went, Dr. Moses said:

”During the elective caesarean, when the doctor was trying to extract one of the babies (first one), it got stuck and when he examined further, he discovered that there were two heads in one body. We are happy that the baby was delivered alive and placed on oxygen. Both heads were alive.

“It was really amazing. I am proud and thankful that we delivered the baby alive. Yes, several scans were done by the mother in the course of pregnancy at different places, but none discovered any abnormality. We are thankful that the operation was successful.”

Nurses at the hospital say they shocked to discover the twins were co-joined as they had already prepared two cots for each of the twins.

Their mother is reportedly yet to know the condition of the babies as she still believes and expects to carry her twins. However, their father has been let in on the news and has seen his children.

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In medical parlance, the condition is known as Parapagus. It is a rare form of partial twinning where there are two heads and two necks side by side on one torso.