Rahman Jago Biography, Net Worth and Cars

Rahman Jago (Real name: Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode, born 18th March 1990; Age: 34 years old) is a Dubai-based Nigerian singer, rapper, and social media personality with a net worth of $600,000.

During his career as a musician, Rahman has earned both fame and fortune. His net worth earns him a spot as one of the richest Nigerian musicians. What’s more, Rahman is known for flamboyant lifestyle of flaunting luxury items and cars on social media. This got him embroiled with people widely believed to be into cyber fraud in Nigeria.

Rahman Jago’s Bio

  • Full name: Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode
  • Nickname: Rahman Jago
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 18th March 1990
  • Rahman Jago’s Age: 34 years old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islamic
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Rahman Jago’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Kayode
  • Rahman Jago’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Rahman Jago’s Height in Centimetres: 172 cm
  • Rahman Jago’s Weight: 76 kg
  • Rahman Jago’s Net worth: $600,000
  • Famous for: Musician
  • Rahman Jago’s Instagram: @rahman_jago_
  • Twitter: @rahman_jago_
  • Facebook: Rahman Jago

Rahman Jago was Born and Raised in Lagos State

Rahman Jago was born on 18th March 1990 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is currently 34 years old. His real name is Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode and considering the name, Rahman hails from a State predominated by the Yorubas. His exact State of origin is unknown, but he grew up in the ghetto part of Lagos, Nigeria.

Also, not much information is known about his parents and siblings. Growing up in Lagos State, Rahman had both his primary and secondary school education there. But there are no details about his educational background or the height at which he stopped.

How Rahman Jago Came to the Limelight

Rahman Jago first gained public recognition after he was linked with Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile, which led to the hype “Jago Mapami Na.” He was listed among Nigerian big boys like Hushpuppi, Aremo Gucci, Mompha, Baddyoosha, and others. However, he kept a low profile until 2018, when he released his first single.

Following his launch into the limelight, Jago got monitored due to the lavish lifestyle he lives. Rahman was alleged to be a Yahoo boy and involved in several online frauds due to the wealthy lifestyle he shows off on social media. He has gotten into trouble with the EFCC in the past.

On 20th May 2019, Rahman was arrested by the EFCC alongside other listed names for a suspicious internet-related crime. However, he was released four days later after he was found not guilty.

He Released His First Song in 2018

Regarding his music career, Rahman dropped his debut song Ijo Ope in 2018, featuring Zlatan Ibile and produced by Rexxie. He started gathering a huge fanbase after he featured in the street jam Opelope Yahoo with Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile. Yet, Rahma Jago rose to massive fame in 2020 with the track, Of Lala featuring Zlatan Ibile.

The same year, he released another street jam, Mo4o featuring Barry Jhay and Bad Boy Timz. Rahman Jago carries out his musical activities under his imprint, Jagoban Entertainment record label. Although he does not have many songs to his credit yet, the few he has dropped have established him as an artiste in the Nigerian music scene.

Notably, Rahman is associated with Zanku music and Marlian music. Even though Zlatan Ibile is popularly known to be the originator of the Zanku (Legwork), Rahman also claims to be the originator of the viral dance steps. You will see “Legwork Originator” boldly written on his Instagram profile. The singer is focused on the famous music genre, which became popular since its onset in 2018.

Rahman Jago’s Net Worth

Rahman Jago is the CEO of Jagoban Entertainment. He founded the music company in 2020, and they have since made some productions. Through this, the entertainer makes money from other artists who come to record music in his studio outfit.

Apart from his music company, Rahman has not disclosed any other source of income he has that affords him the opulent lifestyle he lives. This had him being investigated by the media and linked with internet media fraud.

While he was initially not popular for being an artist, Rahman currently has four singles to his credit, including Rahman Jago, Of Lala, Ijo Ope, and Mo4o. He is described as a music maker and not a recording artist. He is usually seen during recording sessions on Naira Marley or Zlatan’s Instagram stories, but he never voices on any song.

Regardless, Rahman occupies an interesting position in the Nigerian music scene, and fans are eager to see more of what he has to give. These and more rounded up Rhaman Jago’s net worth to an impressive $600,000. Nevertheless, his alleged cybercrime involvement and extravagant lifestyle made his sources of income unverifiable and his net worth unofficially estimated.

Rahman Jago’s Cars

Being one of the Nigerian big boys, Rahman simply lives a luxurious life. He is most popular on Instagram and known for showing off his affluence without fear or favor. Rahman Jago has expensive automobiles and assets, which he flaunts on social media.

He is always seen posting photos of himself rocking designer clothes and expensive jewelry and driving the latest cars. Though it is not clear if some of these luxury rides are his own, we have seen him a couple of times in them, including a white Rolls Royce Phantom. In terms of house, he is reportedly living in an apartment designed with the most modern facilities.

Who is Richer Between Naira Marley and Rahman Jago?

Even though Naira Marley rose to fame as a musician in Nigeria in 2017, the singer has been into street music way back in the United Kingdom. Unlike Rahman, Naira Marley has dropped numerous hit singles and two albums; thus, he earns decently from his album sales. He also has signed a couple of endorsement deals and owns a music record label.

Through these endeavors, Naira Marley has an estimated net worth of $646,000, so he is slightly richer than Rahman Jago, with $46,000. Through his music, which received massive airplay, Naira Marley has performed on big stages both within and outside the country. Also, his contribution to the music world has earned him some notable awards, while Rahman has yet to gain any.


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