Racheal Aniah: Meet The Future Of Nollywood As She Celebrates Independence In Grand Style


Racheal Aniah: Meet The Future Of Nollywood As She Celebrates Independence In Grand Style!

As Nigeria celebrates independence, let’s not forget the major industries that make Nigeria a happy place – Music, Sports, Politics, Media and off course Movies.

The Nollywood industry, as well as the other mentioned, have made it fun living in west Africa despite the crisis faced on daily basis. It is good to know that Nigeria is progressing, as well as these various sectors within the borders of the nation.

Although one or two or even a hundred things still need to be set in place, we are hopeful that the current government administration will create the change we desire to make Nigeria a better place.

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Nollywood has made tremendous efforts to portray Nigerians to the world as a lively, happy and entertaining people, even when some low-budget movies have not been able to pull that off entirely – Nigeria has gained more reputation in the social world in recent years.

To that effect, we are taking out this article to celebrate one of the country’s most successful career path, for a great job in helping Nollywood rank among the top movie industries in the world. And the best way to do that is to celebrate the future of the industry, one of Nollywood’s newest act – Racheal Aniah.

Racheal Aniah is an Accounting graduate from the University of Calabar, and hails from the mountainous Obudu in Cross River State. The talented and highly eloquent actress ignited her passion for acting two years ago and since then has featured in several movies which include – Renunciation, Blooms Berry Hotel, Kin, My Fate, Girls’ Quarters, What Are Friends For? and Desperate Housewives – Nigeria.  

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Ara 5 Currently, Rachel stars in the trending comedy TV series “Dogood” on African Magic Urban 153, as Afiok. Having lived around the Efik speaking community, RAA finds it rather “practical” interpreting her role as a naive and dumb but hardworking waitress with an Akwa Ibom accent.

The hilarious sitcom also stars other prominent acts like Kate Henshaw and Basorge Tariah Jnr. It is always a pleasure seeing a bundle of talents on one screen, as Basorge Tariah plays the title character “Dogood.” In case you are looking for an Independence comedy show to attend, then have a good home laugh and tune onto African Magic Urban 153 to watch Racheal/Afiok and her colleagues crack your ribs on “Dogood.” The series run every week day at 21: 30 pm Central African Time, 20: 30 pm Nigerian Time.

You can also watch a repeat of all the humorous episodes you’ve missed, on Saturdays by 4:00 – 6:30 pm (omnibus). Anyways, Racheal released recent hot photos of herself as a way of celebrating Nigeria @ 55 and freedom into a world of fame. Watch Out for this divalicious actress – she’s got the cutest smile garnished with a touch of class.

Racheal Aniah – See more pictures after the cut . . .

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There’s more where this came from. Hit Instagram @rachealaniah or/and Twitter @aniahracheal to get latest updates on new episodes of “Dogood” and other works of Racheal Aniah.

Happy Independence!

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