British Prime Minister: Woman To Replace Cameron. See Who…


Following the resignation of former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, it is certain a woman is going to be the next PM.

The two remaining candidates in the Conservative party leadership contest for the Prime Ministerial position are; Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

Theresa May who currently is Interior minister and eurosceptic rival Andrea Leadsom emerged on Thursday as the two candidates who will battle to become Britain’s next prime minister.


May won 199 votes and Leadsom 84 in a second ballot of lawmakers of the governing Conservative party.

Fellow contender and remaining male contestant, Justice Secretary, Michael Gove took just 46 votes and was eliminated from the race.

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Around 150,000 grassroots Conservatives across the country will now vote to decide whether May or Leadsom becomes Britain’s first woman prime minister since after Margaret Thatcher.

The result of the contest is expected by Sept. 9.

This means UK-based businesses and investors will endure two more months of uncertainty over who will lead the huge task of disentangling Britain’s economy from the EU while trying to safeguard trade and investment.

Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down last month after voters rejected his entreaties to keep Britain in the EU.

Next Prime Minister Certainly Female

According to British media reports, many of the voters were swayed by concerns over high immigration and a desire to reclaim ‘independence’ from Brussels.

Cameron, however, was of the opinion that leaving the EU would spell economic disaster for the United Kingdom.

Until a couple of weeks ago Leadsom, a junior energy minister, was barely known to most Britons.

But as one of the leading voices in the successful Brexit campaign, she has dramatically emerged as a serious challenger.

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59-year-old Interior minister May, has served for the past six years in one of the toughest portfolios in government. Leadsom, however, has never been a member of the cabinet.

Justice minister Gove shocked fellow-Conservatives last week by abruptly withdrawing his support for former London mayor Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson was previously seen as the leadership front-runner, this move effectively forced him out of the race.

Gove told reporters,

“Whoever the next prime minister of this country will be, it will be a female prime minister and a female prime minister who has formidable skills.”