Former Presidential Bodyguards Protest For This Reason


Following a long-term withholding of their salaries, some former Presidential bodyguards of Muhammadu Buhari have staged a protest in Aso Rock.

On Wednesday, September 7 in Abuja, the bodyguards said they will continue to march on to occupy the Presidential Villa if their owed wages are not cleared with immediate effect.

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These ex-Presidential bodyguards served during the 2015 election campaigns and since then have been kept in the dark about their monies.

However, they ignited their force to get paid as they need the money now more than ever especially with the hike of prices of everything and also for use during this upcoming Sallah celebrations.

In a phone conversation with newsmen, the spokesman of the group, Olabiyi Balogun  said that they had been owed arrears of 17 months even as other of their demands had also fallen on deaf ears.

“If you recollect, the last time we had a parley with the press was about 4 weeks ago when they asked Mobile policemen to seal off our office, the APC presidential campaign office,” he said. “From that time till today is 28 days. We had no form of official response to our demands and it is as a result of that we decided to take the protest further to them. To prove our point we had to stage our protest right to the Villa, this morning. We were stopped.

“The DCP, the squadron commander in the Villa came to address us. He told us that he was sent from inside. He said that the right persons told him that they are already sitting on our issue and that we should give them between now and the end of the month, that the demands we made would be met. We will abide by our words.

“We want to give them the benefit of doubt. But the issue right now is Sallah. Sallah is on Monday and 80 percent of us are Muslims. They have been paying themselves. They just paid themselves the allowances they owed the personnel in the villa. Each person got N450 thousand. One of our demands is that our allowances for the past 17 months should be paid but they have exempted from the allowances they paid. 

“We are paid N50 per month. That’s the agreement. “Our other demands included a request to have audience with Mr. President, we demand that arrears of our allowances be paid. We also demanded that we need to be paid our entitlements and we proposed that for the inconveniences we have suffered in the last 20 months, we demanded to be paid 20 million each. We are growing from one level of protest to another. We don’t know what we are going do next but definitely, we will not keep quiet. If they do not reach out to us for this Sallah, on Friday we have something in mind.”

Meanwhile, although they were barely owed, cheques revealed that former President Goodluck Jonathan government was paying the senior presidential bodyguards N30,000; and the junior ones, N25,000 as their monthly special allowance.