World’s Oldest President Mugabe Welcomes First Grandchild


92-year-old President Mugabe of Zimbabwe has this week been blessed with the joy of grand parenthood, as his only daughter Bona has given birth to his first grandchild, a baby boy in Asia.

Bona is married to a Zimbabwean pilot, Simba Chikore. They were lavishly wedded on March 1 2014, and their traditional marriage took place in Zvimba – Mugabe’s rural home about 96km north west of the capital in August 2013, the couple live in one of Mugabe’s homes in Harare.

Though no official announcement has been made yet by the family, there are still contradictory media reports as to the baby’s place of birth, some say the child was born in Dubai and another says it was in Singapore, it is however certain this grandchild was born far from home.

A Zimbabwean local media reports that the good news was disclosed by Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister, Prisca Mufumira at a Zanu PF Makonde inter-district meeting on Saturday.

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Bona’s mother Grace was with her at the birth. President Mugabe was last week reported to have in the media, said Bona was heavily pregnant, and that his wife Grace had traveled to be with their daughter.

Bona was spotted heavily pregnant in a pink maternity dress in January when she appeared at State House where Mugabe was launching a book containing a collection of speeches by Tanzania’s founding president Julius Nyerere.

President Mugabe, his second wife Grace and the entire family of three children are known to seek medical care in Asia, usually Singapore, even though the children were all born in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s once excellent public medical facilities collapsed more then a decade ago under Mugabe’s continued rule, resulting in a high mortality rate in the country. But there are still several adequate private hospitals with qualified medical personnel in Harare.

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