Nigerians Speak: President Buhari Rated Low On Economy


President Muhammadu Buhari have once again fallen short of expectations of Nigerians (based on the country’s economy) who rated him 31.2% lower in March from 32.8% in February amid economic crisis aggravated by fuel scarcity, business costs and others.

The monthly poll by Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria (GAIN), says more Nigerians again scored Mr. Buhari low on his administration’s handling of the economy, power and fuel shortage.

It is the second time the president’s rating dropped since GAIN in December started monthly tracking of performance of governments at all levels in Nigeria.

In this game of ‘Who Is To Blame,’ the poll found in the earlier months that majority of respondents did not blame President Buhari for the nation’s worse situation, rather they blame the former President Jonathan.

In January, the President’s approval rating stood at 63.4%, but the trend shifted in February as Nigeria’s state of economy turned from bad the worse. The latest March result shifted the blame from Mr. Jonathan to President Buhari for the nation’s economic woes.

The falling rating was primarily due to petroleum scarcity, bad economy, power outage, and broken campaign promises, said the poll.

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According to Prof. Malcolm Fabiyi, one of the poll’s coordinate who previously served as a visiting professor at the Lagos Business School (LBS), “A crippling fuel scarcity continued to affect individuals and businesses across the country, and had a concomitant effect on transportation and business costs.”

The Poll results: Key highlights

  • Performance rating for the Buhari government remains low at 31.2%
  • Top four reasons for Buhari government’s low ratings in March are Petroleum scarcity (71%), Economy (68%), Power (64%) and broken campaign promises (57%)
  • Majority of Nigerians continue to hold Buhari responsible for the economy
  • Nigerian Army extends status as the most respected National Institution
  • Nigerian presidency is 3rd rated National institution, behind Army and EFCC
  • Audu Ogbeh (Agriculture) rated top performing minister; Fuel Scarcity and “not a magician” statement tanks Kachikwu in ratings
  • Anti-Corruption war drops below 50% as high priority area for the first time – Nigerians disappointed by slow pace of prosecution & lack of convictions
  • Concerns linger about abuse of rule of law in anti-corruption fight (38%)
  • 85% express dissatisfaction with Government’s handling of Fulani Herdsmen crisis

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