Pregnancy Attitudes: 5 Nasty And Hilarious Things Pregnant Women Do


Being pregnant is a special stage in every woman’s life and as much as it’s a fun-filled, amazing journey, it comes with a load of usual pregnancy attitudes.

Every woman is vulnerable during pregnancy, with every gross, unbelievable, obnoxious symptom and weird thing that nobody, not even the carrier, expects. Nagging is one of it, but, that’s not the end of it.

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Check out the list of nasty but hilarious pregnancy attitudes you’re likely to experience.

Pregnancy Attitudes

1. Weird Cravings

Currently, there is no scientific explanation for certain food cravings or smell. Once in a while, the expecting mother would request for things unimaginable.

For some pregnant women, their taste bud becomes scrambled and everything tastes wrong, like metal; for others, appetite skyrocket and they become gluttons. It is also important to note that we are growing a human and our body wants more of everything and our bodies may trigger cravings so we are simply motivated to eat more.

The most confusing thing about cravings is that they can be off the logical food menu and often not very healthy or nutritious. For instance, she wants to eat okra soup and bread (yuck!); some crave alcohol like crazy, while others would relish the grossest odour, such as the smell of poop.

2. Lazy Modes

From sleeping extra hours to boozing off at every slightest chance even in the kitchen. She’s just not in the mode for anything away from her bed and that means she’s tired. If you think it easy, imagine a feeling of inexplicable, random numbness; painful sciatica; backaches; headaches; killer heartburn etc.

Unfortunately, nothing gets done around the house.

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3. Looking Cranky

Where are all the slay mamas in the house? you better slay all you want now because being pregnancy means you’re out of shape. If you’re one of those who figured being pregnant would make you an angelic round lump, sorry cupcakes.

From your skin to body weight and general looks….you can only put maximum effort not to fall apart with your overall appearance and pregnancy attitude. Your skin could dry up like Dustin powder because, at this stage, even the smell of body moisturizer can be irritating.

4. Spitting and Vomiting

As normal as this seems, it’s still nasty. Not only spitting, drooling while sleeping may follow but that’s okay since it’s only temporal.

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5. Farting

Pregnancy Attitudes

Farting uncontrollably is one of the nasty pregnancy attitudes. Hubbies will likely have to Google those carbon-lined toot-diapers to protect themselves from the massive collateral damage caused by their pregnant wives booty-bombs.

Some pregnant women can’t control the urge to eke out a few squeakers every now and then. Isn’t that hilarious? if it’s not, deal with it because it can’t be helped. At about five or six months going into pregnancy, the woman begins to fart – and with a melodious trumpeting symphony. Don’t even get me started on the pooping (constipation).

NOTE: It’s not all the same for every woman.