Portable Biography: Who Is Zazu Zeh Singer, What Is His Age and Real Name?

Portable (Real name: Habeeb Okikiola, Born on: 12 March 1994; Age: 30 years old) is a Nigerian musician and Songwriter best known for the 2021 hit single “Zaazoo Zeh”

Portable became one of the fastest-rising artists in the Nigerian music world after his involvement in the 2021 hit Zaazoo Zeh alongside the famous Nigerian Dancer Poco Lee and, of course, the Hip-Hop recording artist and songwriter Olamide.

Also called Dr. Zeh, Portable has continued to gain the attention of the media through music and controversies ranging from sexual assaults, allegations of betrayal, and sexist remarks. These attributes are capable of threatening the progress of a person’s career, but it seems to have the opposite effect on that of Portable.

Portable’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Habeeb Okikiola
  • Nickname: Portable, Dr. Zeh, Portable Zaazoo Zeh
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1994
  • Portable’s Age:; 30years old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Portable’s Children: 4, including 2 Sons
  • Portable’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola
  • Portable’s Net worth: $700k
  • Famous for: “Zaazoo -Zeh”
  • Portable’s Instagram:  portablebaeby

What Is Portable’s Real Name?

Portable’s real name is Habeeb Okikiola. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola, Yoruba natives from Ogun state.  The young singer got the stage name to distinguish himself from the crowd of talents linked to the Nigerian music industry.

Portable is yet to reveal any details on how he came about his stage name. Still, aside from his original stage name, Habeeb is also known as Dr. Zeh, or by many street slangs, including the son of Shaku Shaku, Street Problem, and Wahala Musician.

What Is Portable’s Age Now?

Portable is presently 30 years old. He was born on the 12th of March 1994 in the ancient city of Abeokuta, in Ogun state. He was also raised alongside his siblings in a Muslim home and had his primary and secondary education in the city. The vibrant singer also attended a higher institution, but he later dropped out to focus on his music career

While the date Portable officially began his musical career is not known, the young artist is known to have achieved fame in 2021 at 27. Of course, his fame is tied to his involvement in the viral hit “Zaazoo Zeh,” which has now been added to his alias.

Portable Began his Music Career in the Early 2010s

Portable has long been a music lover since childhood, and while growing up, he was fond of songs by artists like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Snoop Dogg. Songs by these top-world rappers inspired him to write songs and rap.

To give his songs a touch of his ethnic background, Portable decided to write his songs in the Yoruba language. This paid off for the young rapper as Yoruba- apparently the third-highest spoken native language in Nigeria –  aided his rise to fame. According to Portable, his choice to sing and rap in Yoruba was inspired by songs by Nigeria’s top rappers including Lord Of Ajasa, Dagrin, Danny Young, Olamide, QDot, CDQ, etc.

To promote his musical career, Portable left his hometown in Ogun state to settle in Lagos state. He wrote and released a couple of his songs there, but they struggled to gain any major recognition.  To foot his bills, Portable worked as a craftsman on Lagos mainland. His story began to change when he came in contact with famous Nigerian street dancer Poco Lee, who introduced him to Olamide.


He Made His Big Break in 2021 with the Hit Track ‘Zazu Zeh” 

It was a major breakthrough for the young singer Portable when he caught the interest of the street rapper Olamide, and through his help, he worked with Poco LEe to produce the famous hit track Zazu Zeh.

Portable became famous after releasing his first studio EP titled “Zazuu Zeh” in 2021. The lead song featured Olamide and Poco Lee and received wide positive reviews from Nigerian hip-hop lovers.  Not only did it top various music charts, but Portable’s “Zaazoo” music video also received a massive view of over 11 million in less than a month of its release. This makes it one of the biggest hits ever produced in the Nigerian music industry.

ZaZoo Zehh,’ or Zazu Zehh, is a Nigerian street term that means to move, act or hustle smartly. It is derived from a female name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Movement.’ Since the release of “Zazuu zeh” Portable has waxed stronger with his music career. In 2022 alone, the vibrant artist released over ten songs that equally did well in music charts, though not as much as his EP.

The songs include “Ogo Forever” which is apparently an appreciation tune for God and his fans. The song also has the artist recalling his experience as he journeyed into the music world. Next to “Ogo Forever” comes “Neighbor” another mind-blowing song featuring Small Doctor, All Eyes On Me (featuring Barry Jhay), and Oro Aje (featuring Oritse Femi).

Portable Discography

  • Pay Me My Money(2019)
  • Ema Joke Dada(2020)
  • Ogo Forever (2022)
  • All Eyes On Me (featuring Barry Jhay), (2022)
  • Oro Aje (featuring Oritse Femi) (2022)
  • Clear (2022)
  • Money Before You Love (2022)
  • Expensive OG (2022)
  • Gberatan (2022)
  • Odogwu Bitters (2022)
  • Bye To Sapa Nation (2022)

Portable has Scored Endorsement Deals with Many Brands 

Although he is yet to receive awards for his works in the music industry, Portable has benefited from his fame through endorsement deals, which have earned him more financial balance and fame. One of the biggest deals he has, so far, signed is the one he signed with Odogwu bitter company owned by Obi Cubana. He also got a deal with a Lagos-based construction company, where he is said to be rewarded handsomely for representing the company.

Did Olamide Sign Portable?

Popular singer and rapper Olamide did not sign Portable to his record label YBNL, but he sponsored the young artist’s musical career. Portable revealed so while addressing the claims of him being signed to Olamide’s record label

In a video uploaded on his Instagram account, the singer said that he has no boss, meaning that he is not under any record label except for the one he established by himself.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Portable further noted that even though Olamide never signed him on to his record label, he holds the veteran rapper in high esteem because he sponsored him and showed him how things are run within the music industry. He also vowed to help people as much as possible because he understood what people go through to succeed.

Who Signed Portable?

Portable is not signed to any known record label. However, he is the founder of Zeh Nation, a record label he incorporated in 2022. The 30 years old Zaazoo crooner got his Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certification. Following the incorporation, Zeh Nation Limited is now recognized by the Corporate Affairs Commission as a private company limited by shares.

In November 2022, Portable’s Zeh Nation signed a young artist named Young Duun. Portable revealed his new signee to his social media fans, claiming to have known the young talent and had even gone ahead to do some collaborations together. So far, the Zeh Nation’s new signee has yet to officially release a hit song.


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