Nigeria Explored: You Haven’t Truly Visited PH If You Haven’t Been To The Port Harcourt Polo Club


The Port Harcourt Polo Club is one of Rivers State’s most prized tourist destinations. The Buzz Nigeria crew were fortunate to sit in during the team’s training session as they prepared for an upcoming tournament.

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About Port Harcourt Polo Club

The Port Harcourt Polo Club is recorded to have one of the best polo playing fields in the country; it offers a remarkable atmosphere for leisure, entertainment, and various sporting activities.

Though the club takes the game of Polo as a priority, it also encourages other activities such as the simple joy of horse riding. The club hosts various polo tournaments as well as engage in other tournaments hosted by other clubs.

The club is always on the path of improving its facilities and its facial uplift. Emphases are usually directed towards its playing fields, the clubhouse, stables, and pavilion.

History Of Port Harcourt Polo Club

The Port Harcourt Polo Club was founded in 1972 by the Nigerian Army; under the leadership of Late General T.Y. Danjuma. In 1974 the management was eventually nationalized and now recognized as a Polo playing club by the Nigerian Polo Association.

The Game Of Polo

Polo is a team sport; played while riding on a horse. Just like most sports, the objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible against an opposing team. Using a long-handled mallet; players score by driving a small white plastic or wooden ball into the opposing team’s goal while on horseback.

Traditionally, polo is played on a grass field up to 270m by 150m and each playing team consists of four mounted riders which could be a combination of both men and women. The modern game lasts roughly two hours and is divided into periods called chukkas. At some point, the game of polo was recognized as an Olympic sport.

Location And Contact Details

The Polo Club is located along Tombia street, G.R.A Phase II, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Telephone: +234 8033391322

Email: [email protected]


Fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with a number of polo players and club members, I would say the game and lifestyle of a polo player/member is seen as that of a gentleman’s way of life. First of all, polo is a very expensive sport to engage in and could sometimes have you spending in the range of hundreds of millions.

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The club is strictly run on rules and regulations and there are penalties faced by those who break them. The beauty of being part of a polo club is you are always guaranteed to be within the company of the high and mighty of the society. Do make an effort to visit the Port Harcourt Polo Club when next you are in PH and experience a lifestyle second to none.