Nigerians at home and abroad use different kinds of Nigerian slangs during conversations, this usually come up whenever they see their fellow Nigerians either t home or abroad, they usually use these slangs either in their local language, Whenever they see one another they flow in slangs in local, pidgin English and English languages. Some of these popular slangs include slangs like How far, How you dey, Nna men, Ki lo n sele?, wetin dey happen? Nawaa for you oo, and What’s up even though not Nigerian but used by a lot of Nigerians. e.t.c. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Nigerian slangs, here goes the list

Popular Nigerian Slangs and their Meanings

Fashi – forget about it
Peche – chill out
Amebo – backbiter/rumour-monger also called Gbeborun
Woza – slap
Guck – 1. sleep 2. believe a lie
Gbe ja – run away
Runs – try to do things the bad way.
Baffs – designer wears
Bakassi/Ikebe – Booty
ITK – All those “overserious” students. ITK stands for I Too Know
Aro – funny person. (peculiar to OAU)
Akata – White man
Jand – UK
Yankee – US
Ajebutter – rich spoilt kid

Pam-Chill out/Patient
Kele-Young woman
Troway-Waste/Throw away
Hammer-Strike rich
Awoof – Free things

Tey (tey tey)-Long time (ago)
Fall hand-Disappoint

No dulling: Don’t prolong things

O’boy – friend
Abi – Right (as in “exactly, right?”

like play like play – jokingly.
wozam slap – give him a slap
Eke don carry am – police have arrested him.
Chop – eat
Wahalla – trouble
Sabi – to know
Waka – travel/go/walk

Yahoo Yahoo – Fraudster
419 – Another slang for fraud
Okada – Motorcycle
Black maria – Was slang for prison van, don’t know if its still being used.
Shugaba – To be expelled
Gbana – Marijuana (could be a Lagos only slang)

Nigerian Indepence Day - Nigerian slangs

Nigerian Campus Slangs … Contd

After One: Girl with one child prior to marriage

Agidi; Stubborn

Aristo (shortened from Aristocrat): Married men that like young girls

Bang: Depending on context, fail or sleep with the opposite sex

Bakassi: Girls behind (bum/butt)

Blend: Join a confraternity

Bone face: to snub somebody

Bounce: to walk in a stylish way in order to get noticed

To browse on the street: to look for girls/boys e.g Omo I wan go browse

Brush: Beat

Butty (also: ajebota): Spolied / Pampered Child

Cable: Leak a secret

Cane: Sleep with a girl

Chips: Small papers where as much as can be written, is taken to the exam halls to cheat. The smaller the better (microchips)

Cassava Flakes: Garri, compared with Corn Flakes

Church Members: Fellow Cultist e.g Fryo na my church member

Confra: Confraternity

Cow Bell: Large Boobs

Double silver: used by cultist to denote a gun

Fashi: Forget

FFF: Friend for food

FFO: For food only

Giddy: Smooch

Government Child (Omo-Ijoba): A Corper (NYSC)/A Mad Man

Joneser: Failure

Jack Robinson: Rubbish

Juve (shortened from juvenile): Young ladies

Kawa: (I am going) – Leave

Kolo: Mad

Kposh also: fa gbo, blaze: Smoke Weed

Smallie: Girlfriend or Girl

Soji: Street Smart

Tush: A refined person

Wetin Dey?

Wuz up?