Recession Is Inevitable When You Appoint A Polytechnic Graduate As Finance Minister – Reno Omokri


A former media aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari’s choice of ministers.

He accused the incumbent President of appointing people without the required pedigree and qualifications to run important agencies of government.

Omokri has said the President instead of concentrating more on the business of governance is more committed to reading and watching cartoons.

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Excerpts of Reno Omokri’s  Facebook message:

“When you have someone who graduated with a BSc from a polytechnic (University of East London was a polytechnic at the time Kemi Adeosun attended and it was only upgraded to university status in 1992) as your finance minister in a country that has highly educated, skilled and experienced hands from every part of the nation, what you are begging for is a recession.”

“When you combine it with a minister of agriculture who read French you are inviting famine.”

“However, it is not from my mouth you will hear what will happen when you have a President who, during a recession, prioritizes reading cartoons over other serious issues in a newspaper.”

Recall that Omokri recently charged the President to appoint capable hands into his cabinet, his first attack on the credibility of Buhari’s appointees dates back to October when he began his campaign against Kemi Adeosun.

“She is a very nice woman but as a leader, you have to be unsentimental and take hard decisions. Nigeria is in recession and we need our best hands.”

“It doesn’t matter if they are PDP or APC, they don’t have to be politicians as long as they are the best hands, bring them on to help you achieve what you can`t do by yourself.”

“For example, the President took about six months to set a cabinet after which he replaced Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala with Kemi Adeosun who has a bachelor degree in economics from the University of East London. I schooled in London and I know that the University is not a really well ranked university.”

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“Moreso this is someone who has just a degree in economics and post graduate diploma which is not as high as bachelors.”

“Now you had someone who has a PHD in regional and economic development and worked as a Managing Director at the World Bank and also a former Minister of Finance replaced by Kemi who I have nothing against in a difficult period like this. You need to put your best hands.”