I Have 4 Children From 3 Different Women, I Want 16 More Children – 9ice


Alapomeji singer, 9ice who already has four children from three different women has just confirmed that polygamy runs in his blood.

In an interview with Ebony Live TV, 9ice announced his intentions to have 20 children and of course that will not come from one woman. 9ice plans to marry as many women as will help him achieve the feat.

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“I want twenty kids, I have just four now. I have sixteen to go,’ he said before asking the women why they want to ‘own him.”

In a previously aired part of the same interview, 9ice said that he can not be with one woman for the rest of his life as it will be unfair to other women.

“Do you think if I stay married to just one woman, do you know how many women will end up without husbands?” he asked.

So far 9ice has a boy with his former wife, Toni Payne; his baby mama, Victoria Godis has a set of twins for him and his current beau has a daughter for him.

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Well, in as much as a few Nigerian modern men are buying the idea of polygamy, the Special Adviser to the Oyo State governor on Youths is among the list of Nigerian celebrities who experience Baby Mama Drama, as it is inevitable to avoid, having such a goal in mind.

Polygamy is 9ice

Baby Mamas

Just in case anyone reading this post has ever taught of practicing polygamy, pause and think before you leap. Think about the chaos going on right now in the house Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba, the Nigerian Islam teacher, who has 97 wives and 190 children, all living in one house; think about the Oba of Ogbaland, who married 4 wives and has 30 children; think about 41-year old Tuface and his seven children, three women empire, think about the expense, your happiness and your rest of mind, that alone will shape your decision.

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