Political Prostitues: Hon Abike Dabiri Lashes Out At PDP Defectors


Naturally, human beings always want to be associated with successful people, companies, teams, etc. However, in the political arena of Nigeria, this quest to identify with the party in power has shown the disloyal nature of a good number of our politicians.

In view of this, Mrs. Abike Dabiri Erewa, the former Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on the Diaspora, disclosed her displeasure at the continous inflow of members the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) into the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), which she belongs to.

Some Nigerians are of the view that these PDP members are running to the opposition party in order to save themselves from the doom that is already befalling most corrupt politicians and high level public office holders in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission but alas, the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Ibrahim Magu has made it clear on Wednesday that the commission is out to do its job irrespective of who is involved.

Expressing her disapproval on her twitter handle, she described the action as shameful, referring to the the defectors as “Political Prostitutes”. In her words on her twitter handle @abikedabiri, Mrs. dabiri said

“The rate of defection from PDP to APC is shameful. Political prostitutes, politics of convenience, not conviction”.

She goes ahead to say that in her own opinion, the APC should not permit the defection but unfortunately, the leadership of the party has a counter opinion.

Mrs Abike Dabiri went on to say;

“Defection should not be so easy. But hopefully, we will gravitate towards ideology”.

She also declared her resolution to continue airing her view on the issue till probably something is done about it. In her own voice she said,“I will keep airing my minority views on this.”

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It is really appalling that full grown men and women who made a choice of engaging in politics will fail to maintain their choice of a political party and defend the tenets, ideologies and convictions of the party against all odds. This is unquestionably a case of ants following the sugar trail! Politics driven by the ideology of bread and butter!

This makes me ask, what happens after four years if APC looses Federal to PDP? Will they go back to PDP or what?

Abike Dabiri worked for the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for fifteen years, anchoring the weekly NTA Newsline programme and taking a particular interest in poverty and social justice issues. She retired from her position at Nigerian Television Authority to stand for election in the House of Representatives, winning with a substantial majority. While in this role, she stood against the third term bid of former President Olusegun Obasanjo