Policeman Tries To Arrest A Football Fan With Biafra Flag…Drama Ensues [PHOTOS]


An interesting scene ensued at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu during a Nigeria Premier League encounter between Abia Warriors and Rangers International Football Club of Enugu where a Police Officer attempted to arrest a fan who was waving a Biafra Flag.

A group of youths were moving round dancing to traditional Ogene music when one of them was spotted by law enforcement officers displaying a Biafra Flag.

His action provoked a police officer within the stadium who moved towards the young man holding the flag and attempted to snatch it from him.

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However to the officers greatest surprise, the crowd around the scene pounced on him with vicious attacks, with some throwing punches and others sticks.

At the sight of the growing mob, the officer took off and ran for safety.

See Photos Below:

Biafra Flag


Biafra Flag


Biafra Flag