No Police Officer Has The Right To Check Through Your Phone – Lagos Police PRO


Lagos Police PRO: No Police Officer Has The Right To Check Through Your Phone

The question that has been on the minds of many Nigerians for a long time: “is it appropriate for a police officer to search your mobile phone during a routine stop and search exercise on the road?”, has been answered.

Lagos State Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus has shed more light on the issue, clarifying that it is not right.

In a Chat with Linda Ikeji TV, Badmus said:

“There’s no time that the police issued a statement that they shouldn’t search phones.

“But what I want you to know is that phones are private.

“It’s like you just meet someone on the road and you say ‘can you pull off your trousers because I want to search your boxers’.

“That’s how I feel about someone searching someone’s phone because it’s my private property.

“People do a lot of stuffs on phone and you have a lot of things to keep. My bank account is there and I don’t want anyone to see it.

“Some have their statement of account on their phone and then you want to pull it open.. It’s wrong!”

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Police PRO, Badmus goes on to explain why it is wrong for a police officer to check your phone.

She said:

“And then let me tell you, the police officers have no right to search your phone except there is a reasonable ground to do that.

“Maybe they have a reason to suspect you following the fact that they have an information about a crime.

“So an officer is only permitted to search a person’s phone only when there is a reason to investigate.

“Not that you just stop people on the road and say, ‘come, you look like a suspect, can I see your phone’…that is wrong!

“We have been working on bringing that to an end with our men and the ones that have been misbehaving, the leadership of the command have never spared them”.