Police Inspector Devours 15-Year-Old Girl At Gunpoint


A Nigerian Police Inspector attached to Mkpat Enin Police Division in Akwa Ibom State allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint.

The victim, a senior secondary pupil of Community Secondary School in the area, narrated her ordeal saying she was coming back from church last week Thursday when she was accosted by a police team among whom was the Inspector who pointed his gun at her threatening to shoot her if she made any attempt to stop him from touching her.

The Inspector then led her away from other members of the team to a dark area of the road where he forcefully caressed her breasts, saying “small you possess these types of breasts”, she said.

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She added:

“After he had forced me to remove my clothes, he ordered me to lie down and open my legs. And what I noticed was that he brought out his penis and inserted it into my vagina.

“As he was romping over me, he forbade me crying as he threatened to shoot me if I should open my mouth.

“But when I could not bear the pains any longer as blood was running out of my private part, he quickly took me into the vehicle and drove to the station, where he detained me from Thursday till Saturday.

“It was my uncle, Dr. Ime Stephen that came from Abuja and bailed me out with N10,000.

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The victim said she did not know her mom because she left her father when she was a toddler. Her father on the other hand became paralysed after he fell from a palm tree, and ended up living with her in her uncle’s house.

Her uncle, Stephen, who said the Inspector in question was a prosecutor, explained that he could not believe his eyes when the girl pointed at the policeman as the one who raped her from among those who were on duty on that day.

He said:

“The Inspector for pointing a gun he was given on trust at a girl of 15 before raping her, lacks the characters of police officers who are meant to protect lives and property of Nigerians.

“He is a fraud by also taking the girl into the police custody for three days and collected N10,000 as bail sum from the girl’s guardian. We call for his dismissal from the force so that he can be prosecuted accordingly.”