PMB Concerned About Social & Economic Usefulness Of Migrants In Nigeria


PMB Concerned About Socio-Economic Usefulness Of Migrants In Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has addressed the issue of increasing population of migrants in the country.

The president on Tuesday, December 20,querried their adequacy and usefulness.

President Buhari was represented by Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo at the Second Annual National Migration Dialogue in Abuja.

The event was themed: “Policy Coherence in Migration Governance: Managing Migration and Displacement, the Way Forward.”

The Vice President also hinted at the possibility that terrorists could be among these migrants.

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According to Buhari, it is important to document migrants and determine where their expertise could be useful in their countries of residence.

He also sought assistance for nations hosting migrants and displaced persons with a view to reducing their financial burden.

“Today, rhetoric is assuming the position of truth and today, it’s even more convenient to argue that migrants may even be terrorists.

So, the state of fear and hate is probably the worst plague that the whole of migration policy and thinking has experienced for a very long time.

“But to be fair, the influx of many displaced persons to any society is bound to create some social and economic concerns.”

PMB Concerned About Increasing Migrant Population

The President expressed concern that the country was still grappling with national identity issues which causes discrimination.


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He further described migration as a natural phenomenon attracting global attention.

“Men, women and children are forced by civil conflicts, prosecutions, wars, natural disasters and even climate change to move from their homes.

“To places of refuge, safety and succour where they’ll be able to make decent lives for themselves.

“Usually, forced migration is what heats up the debate on migration policy.”

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All year round, many Nigerians are constantly deflecting to other countries for some reasons.

Hoping to gain some level of financial freedom.

A survey has shown that over two million internally displaced persons were forced to migrate from their homes.