Not Again! Another Playboy Video Shows Donald Trump In 1994


American businessman turned politician, Donald Trump is in another Playboy video mess.

The Republican presidential hopeful, Trump was last week under fire over a video which showed him feature in a Playboy softcore movie.

A report released by CNN’s KFILE has uncovered two more Playboy videos in which Trump makes an appearance.

In one of the said videos, Trump can be seen taking a picture of fully clothed models with a Polaroid camera and conducting an interview with a potential Playmate.

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In that video, a 1994 VHS tape titled “Playboy Centerfold”, Trump takes part in Playboy magazine’s search for its 40th-anniversary Playmate.

Although the scenes in which Donald Trump featured Trump do not contain nudity or sexually explicit content, other scenes in the movie show fully nude women.


In one scene,Trump interviewed a potential Playboy model, asking her what qualities she possesses that would make her the right choice for the 40th-anniversary cover.

One of the models Trump interviewed, Bridget Marks, speaking to the CNN on phone said that she had a positive experience with Trump that day and whenever she has seen him since.

According to Marks:

“I thought he was thoughtful. I thought he was respectful. I had a very good time.

“He has remembered my name and been very nice to me and my family whenever I’ve seen him.”

The former Playboy model, Marks, who is a registered Democrat said she is remaining neutral in the presidential election.

Trump Appeared In Another Playboy Video In 1994

Senior photo editor for Playboy, Jeff Cohen disclosed that Playboy wanted the publicity generated by Trump to launch its 40th-anniversaryy playmate.

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Cohen said:

“We sat around and decided, ‘Let’s launch the search in New York City.

“Obviously, the media capital. We’ll get a lot of press, we’ll get TV, we’ll get radio.

“What’s the best way to do that? Aha, I know!

“We’re gonna ask Donald Trump whether he would come and photograph, do the test pictures, of the first girl that comes in.’

“And that’s basically what we did.”

Although Cohen has said he plas to vote for Hillary Clinton, he added that Trump was very professional and
businesslike in his interactions with everyone there.

Trump also appeared briefly in a 2001 Playboy video centered on a fashion show Playboy did with Betsey Johnson.

The Republican nominee appears backstage, alongside two Playmates and his current wife and then-girlfriend, Melania Knauss.

The revelation that Trump has appeared in several Playboy videos comes as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton seeks to make Trump’s derogatory statements and actions toward women an issue in the campaign.