Plastic Surgery: Two Women Die While Obtaining Brazilian Buttock Augmentation 


In a quest to look and feel sexy, two beautiful women, Ranika Hall and Heather Meadows died of the same plastic surgery procedure to obtain the Brazilian butt lift at the same hospital in Miami, Florida, US.

Both women died less than a year apart while trying to upgrade some part of their body and against their families advice.

According to the report from New York Daily News, 25-year old Ranika Hall told her family she would travel to South Florida, US, to get the surgery, but they urged her not to go through with the popular rear-reshaping surgery. Hall, who’s a new mother was allegedly unhappy about her post-pregnancy body, did not heed the advice.

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Her aggrieved mother, Nicole Hall expressed her sorrow when she told media outlets:

“I tried to talk her out of it. I really did. Her sisters and her brothers tried to talk her out of it.

“It’s hard for me to grasp a hold of it [reality]. Unbelievable, like it’s not true. Am still looking for answers.”

In a GoFundMe site opened to raise money for Nicole’s burial, her mother wrote:

“My beautiful daughter went to Miami, Florida to have a high profile procedure done which was take her fatty tissue out her stomach and placed elsewhere. My baby left Wednesday 3/15/17 perfectly fine and healthy which was the last time I talked to her and seen her.”

The young and vibrant Missouri woman’s life was cut short in the process, making her the second patient to die the in surgery and at the same clinic called Eres Plastic Surgery in Hialeah, where Heather Meadows died last year.

Plastic Surgery: Two Women Died While Obtaining Brazilian Buttock Augmentation 

On May 2016, 29-year old Meadows reportedly traveled to Miami, in the company of her best friend to get Brazilian butt lifts. Autopsy report said the mother of two died as a result of fat clots due to complications from a fat transfer that caused her organs to fail by blocking her arteries.

An Orlando area plastic surgeon, Dr. Tom Fiala who’s also the president of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons said he charges patients between $7,000 and $10,000 for Brazilian butt lifts. According to him, many patients don’t realize it’s a major procedure, with major risks and something that they need to research before they sign up for it.

The Brazilian butt-lift procedure uses liposuction to collect fat from other parts of the body and inject it into the buttocks. It is called Brazilian because the procedure first started the amazon region and adopted by US cosmetic surgeons.

Lawsuits by Meadows family against the clinic known to engage in deceptive medical practices, says she died of a cardiac arrest. The suit accused clinic of negligence in Meadows’ care, as well as a later business name change designed to “hinder, delay and defraud creditors.”

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Plastic surgery in the US is very common among celebrities and Hollywood aspiring individuals. The beauty craze trend has become a vanity obsession for millenials, especially teenagers and young women looking to feel and look super sexy, sensual and hot for whoever fancy their attention.