God Save Us! First Case Of Plastic Rice In Nigeria Surfaces (Video)


There were earlier reports that China had produced and packaged plastic rice for commercial exportation to African countries including Nigeria. Although many people thought it was a false report, a Nigerian woman who fell victim of the fake rice has spoken out, confirming the news however, the rice she bought was made in India.

The lady made a video narrating how the rice refused to cook, leading to the discovery that the basmati rice she purchased for  N5,000 was nothing but plastic rice.

She said:

“People, this is an Indian Basmati I bought on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name but I have thrown it out, it was a very small sachet and I had to prepare everything at once, containing just about two cups or thereabout. I made this Saturday morning and it wasn’t smelling, like I didn’t perceive that normal milky aroma that you get when you are preparing basmati for those of us that know it very well. Instead, it was somehow so i decided to check. Then, after cooking it I had to turn it very well so at least I could initiate that process of decomposing in it and left it.

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“Since Saturday till now, I haven’t warmed it, the pot lid has been uncovered. I just remembered now that it’s still there and I came here and Oh my God! It’s still all dry. I think I must have fallen victim to this rubber rice thing and I just noticed that instead of the rice to get done and split, it’s kind of expanding cos this was not the grain size when I bought it.

“I’m touching it now it’s not decomposed at all. It feels like rubber ring that ladies we use to hold our hair, that’s what this feels like now. It’s not smelling at all, not at all, still very much okay. That means this thing can stay like this for as long as God knows…..

See video of the plastic rice below: