PHOTOS: Troops Have Found Boko Haram Hideout-Tunnel In Sambisa, Free Hostages


Following the December deadline the government gave for bringing the reign of the feared Boko Haram group to an end, calls have been made to the Nigerian army, urging the troops to work towards their promise and completely sweep off the insurgents.

As a result, the Nigerian army stormed the home of the dreaded Boko Haram terror group in Sambisa forest and triumphed over the terror group. The troops raided Sambisa tunnel in their advance towards the sect’s main camp and took the terrorist unawares. Based on what Army sources told DAILY POST, the troops in their raid, released many detainees and displaced many Boko Haram insurgents who fled on sighting them.

According to Sources from the army, the Boko Haram fighters who were displaced cannot escape into towns as there are numerous checkpoints at all the entry and exist routes in Sambisa. The Sambisa tunnel discovered is said to be a hideout for the terror group during military air strikes. The army in addition to letting hundreds of captives on the loose, they also destroyed and wrecked Boko Haram flags, motorcycles, among other properties.

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Troops of the Nigerian Army are continuing their advancement towards the main camp of the Boko Haram sect in Sambisa. Well it increases our hope in government’s December deadline which was stipulated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Here Are Some Pictures From The Surprise Attack As Obtained On Thursday, December 3 by DAILY POST









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