PHOTOS: Nigeria’s Oldest Woman Alive At 191 Years


It’s amazing that while the world keeps loosing its children and youths to war, epidemics and disaster, we still have old ones who continue to get older. To have a woman as old as 191 years still living in this part of the country is really one of a kind.

We came across the pictures of a woman named Mama Efisho, who at 191 years old, could be the oldest living woman In Nigeria.

Mr. Avuefeyen, who is Mama Efisho’s great grand son revealed this to an online reporter claiming that the woman is about two centuries old.

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WhEN questioned on the veracity of this claim, Mr. Avufeyen claimed that she witnessed the birth of his grandfather.

If his claims are true then, Mama Efisho is most likely Nigeria’s oldest woman alive that we know of.

Though mama is not be able to walk and do other things without assistance, looking at the picture, she seems to be very healthy and doing rather well. Mama Efiso ‘lives in Ellu (Edhemoko, Akaluba Street, Ellu in INLG) Delta State.’