Nigerians Discredit Photo Of Aisha Buhari’s Visit To President Buhari In London


Following the rumours that President Buhari is dead, the presidency released a photo of Mr. President and his wife, Aisha Buhari, who was reported to have visited him in London.

In one of the photos, the couple standing while the second photo captured Mr. and Mrs. Buhari sitting apart on two different seats.

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At first, Nigerians were concerned about the authenticity of the pictures. Some said it was an old picture taken sometime in the winter of last year, others said they definitely would prefer a video confirmation of his life status than a mere picture.

However, Sahara Reporters brought out another side of the story when they highlighted that the couple didn’t have any chemistry as the picture depicted no closure of any kind.


Their above comment triggered a conversation on social media as Nigerians spoke about the issue of ‘No Chemistry’ between the couple, with an age difference of almost 30-years.

Below are some comments on BN:

Blueberry: “Shouldn’t she be with him in London? Why must she visit???!”

Nene: “All I can deduce here is Buhari is as detached from his wife on these pictures as he is on Nigerians plight. Waiting for President Buhari to show affection or kindness is like waiting for the cock to grow horns. This is most likely an old picture. Aisha Buhari used to be darker, but she’s lighter now. Buhari should speak, we don’t want pictures.

Icrossmyheart: “This does not look like a recent picture. Where is her Cartier watch? Hermes bag and slippers? Valention sweater? Gucci scarf? Louis Vuitton wallet? She looks poor here like she just shopped at Next supermarket or Primark. Nah. Not buying it.”

Veev: “jus wondering why she’s not sitting on the sofa with him. *I don’t see any connection btw them at all.”

That Uptown Girl: “They look like two frenemies posing for a picture. What’s up with them? They are not giving any couple vibes at all.”

Madam B: Couple vibes…yeah any opportunity to type rubbish….. most of our parents from that generation this how they pose

Anon: “Most? Do the most you mentioned have a huge age gap?”

MadamYe: “Please oo…My Parents do not behave like that 35 years of marriage with at least 5 years courting. They still hold hands when watching TV…IJS…

Bleed Blue: Someone on Instablog said they look like they’ve just come forward to the altar to give their lives to Christ. Nigerians can be naughty sha!”

Tee January: Body language experts get in here! Are these two a legit couple or nah?”

Frank teacher: “It’s also possible that this is an old picture. With Buhari sitting on a settee that can easily take 4 people while Aisha is kneeling/crouching on the floor to the side of the settee with her leg in what looks like a trashbag?”

Truth: They are trying so hard to convince Nigerians that all is well with Mr. President. As a result, they have started circulating and sending these two pictures to the mailboxes of some bloggers. They have already sent these same pictures to Linda Ikeji’s mail box and she has already posted it on her blog without knowing who sent it to her.

By their calculation, they believe that Mr. President will be able to recover fully on or before Feb. 6th when he will be due to return home. By then, he will be able to talk to us, stand, walk and take pictures to prove that he’s healthy and alive. But before then, these old pictures circulating will hold on for him. We pray it works according to plan.

Anonymous: “Which wife “visits” a sick or vacationing husband? Aisha is not elected to rule Nigeria, she should stay with her husband and care for him, position or no position, not this picture releasing rubbish. Fake presidency.

He looks estranged from his wife here, don’t care if it is an old picture or a current one; this their relationship dey somehow. No affection. citizens of a country need to be confident that their leader is healthy and capable, especially in a complex country like ours that is really fucked up. The man left two days after 200 of his citizens died in an army mishap and he didn’t even address the nation. Tell me that isn’t F**KED UP!”

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Meanwhile, Atoke, a trained Lawyer and a Creative Writer did an analysis about the above photo and why Nigerians should let the couple be. In her opinion, the couple are from the older generation and are also Muslims, therefore can be pardoned for not showing public affection.

President Buhari and Wifeaisha-buhari-and-husband

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