Peter Okoye Should Bear These Names Instead of “Mr. P”


The split of P-square is the beginning of Mr. P. The sexy, dashing, happy feet half of P-Square, Peter Okoye, made his boldest step when he decided to go solo. He employed a new manager to oversee his career and that of his record label “P Classic”.  After revolting against the order of things at Squareville and driving his siblings, Paul Okoye and Jude Okoye, towards breaking up a music entity that took them over a decade to build, Peter has chosen a new brand name to represent him ALONE.

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Mr. P, as he chooses to be called, is a fine name, but is that the best name for Peter Okoye? Note that his other half, Paul Okoye, can also be called Mr. P if he chooses to. However, this is why Peter claimed the name: Mr. P stands for Mr Peanuts and Peter Okoye is a big fan of peanuts. Three years ago, his huge love for the snack made him submit a proposal to a prominent northern ruler requesting to fully bring back the groundnut pyramids. Also, P is obviously the initial of his christened name, Peter, so it is also for Paul.

Peter Okoye

Fans have been airing their views on various social platforms, regarding the breakup and the new name. Some say Peter should stick with his brothers, others congratulate him on the move while some others question his choice of name. Anyways, let’s go through five other names that the singer would have gone for instead of Mr. P.

1. P-Money

Peter Okoye is unarguable, a billionaire. His show, Dance With Peter, has even given his name more wealth as well as reputation, and he won’t be sounding proud if he chooses to attached money to his initials. Peter, like other Igbo men, love to show off his wealth, and this trait has been evident in most of the P-Square songs like “Chop my Money,” “E No Easy,” and others.

Bearing P-Money would simply transform Peter into an artiste who would spray money during his performances, smoke fat cigars in his music videos, and probably shoot in the midst of super models. This would definitely make his wife, Lola, jealous but will increases Peter’s chances of being best friends with E-Money.

2. Mr. Pedro

Peter means Pedro in Spanish. This name would add some exotic Latina air to his brand. With age, Peter may like to modify the name to Don Pedro de Okohandro Gomez I of Anambra State.

3. Young P 

If Peter Okoye were a rapper, then he would definitely be called Young P. He would become the new 50 Cent of Nigeria, declare ownership of Lagos Island, and threaten Ambode himself. He would appear on twitter and threaten Don Jazzy’s life. That’s similar to what artistes do when they think they are young, wealthy and famous.

Peter Okoye

4. P-Love 

The love for Peter Okoye, is the beginning of  . . . For all the ladies who would love a good time with Peter Okoye, this name is sure to endear him to their heart. With such a seductive name, he would switch to singing hard core R&B love songs, become the symbol of love and replace the likes of Praiz, Inyanya and Flavour whose charm and sexiness most female fans adore.

5. Pitrus Mushica 

Imagine Peter being called by his botanical name, it would sound like this, Pitrus Mushica, or Perori Oklazuma. For humor sake, this is the best name that would promote Peter Okoye as a solo artiste. First, he would win the hearts of all Botany professors as well as university students. He may even end up becoming the brand ambassador for Lekki Gardens. He is already associated with a green brand, GLO, so Green would be his new best color. This name might sound Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato), but on a serious note, will most definitely end Peter Okoye’s solo career.

What other names do you have in mind?

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