Veteran Actor Laments About Igbo People Losing Their Language


Veteran actor, Pete Edochie is not happy with the way the Igbo people of Nigeria no longer show a sense of pride in their language.

Known for his prominent role as Okonkwo in the adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” novel, Pete Edochie is one of Nollywood’s finest actors who has in-depth allegiance for the Igbo tribe and culture.

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In an interview with Ugwumba Television, Edochie mentioned that the low patronage of the Igbo language by its natives may lead to its extinction.

“Igbos are no longer proudly speaking their language, if you ask somebody a question in Igbo they will reply with English and English don’t even suit their mouth. If we keep running away from our language it will die.”

According to Edochie, he has tried to promote his native tongue whenever he gets the opportunity despite having a strong English training. The actor who had a formal training in English also shows a great level of competence in his native tongue.

“Now, they gave us Africa Magic Igbo, they came to me and asked me what to call it and asked where to launch it. I told them to come to Enugu the eastern capital. I spoke on the night of the launch for a long time without adding any English word and there are few people in Nigeria that speak English as well as I do because I studied English and was trained by the BBC.”

Pete Edochie also spoke about Fulani herdsmen’s attack on Igbos and the grave consequences on the nation. The veteran actor thinks persistence in the attacks on his kinsmen by the Fulani herdsmen may force them to fight back. He stated this in his usual way of passing his message through proverbs.

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“If an innocent child is respecting you whilst you flog him, he would retaliate when you force him to a tight corner,” he said. “I say to you, man will die once and one day and defend himself with whatever weapon available to him. That is the way I will answer your question on killer herdsmen.”