PDP Youths Advises Party To Change Name And Merge With Others


The youth wing of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), also referred to as PDP Youths or PDP Youth Frontier (PDPYF), have strongly recommended to the leadership of the major opposition party, the idea of changing its name and merging with other smaller parties as a step in the right direction. The group conveyed the information in a communique signed by the National Coordinator of the group, Austin Okai, after holding an emergency meeting of its National Working Committee in Abuja on Thursday, 21th January.

The youth National Coordinator noted that the success of PDP in the up-coming 2019 elections depended completely on its ability to “put its house in order.” The PDP youths relayed in their communique that;

  • Following the outcome of the general elections, it has become necessary for the PDP to strategize ahead of 2019 by first putting its house in order and expanding youth political space within our democratic system. Creates space for merger with other parties and if possible re-brand the party which shall include Change of the Name.
  • That in the past 2 months, several consultations and shared ideas have pointed to the fact that for the PDP to regain power at the federal level come 2019, a total overhaul of its entire system must occur. Ensure discipline and expel members undergoing criminal investigation include NWC and BoT members.
  • That the National Headquarters of the party must in the overall interest of the party and provide such a playing ground for all aspirations to thrive within the party.
  • That Nigeria is currently at a crossroad such that only a strong sense of leadership with purpose can return the country to the path of economic prosperity, progress and unity which it may have deviated from.
  • That the war against corruption and graft is wholly a welcome development that is long overdue. However the war must be executed with regards to the constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria above anything else.
  • That there is need for the scope of the war against corruption to be widened. This is in the interest of national unity. The war against corruption must be all inclusive and not selective as this may be a major low for the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
  • That the EFCC and President Muhammadu Buhari’s led federal government must engage Nigerians and update them on how much of our looted patrimony have been recovered so far. Dedicated accounts wherein the funds are deposited for safe keeping should also be disclosed be it in the custody of the CBN or EFCC.
  • That there is an essential need for proper separation on powers. The Judiciary is urged to stand firm and defend the right of Nigerians according to legal provisions without resorting to technicalities to protect unpatriotic citizens from punishment. The Chief Justice of the Federation must therefore charge legal practitioners to abide by the ethic of their profession as there is enormous danger in impunity and human rights abuse including the ones perpetrated by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.
  • The legislature must live up to its bill in checking the excesses of the executive at all times as the 2016 budget saga has shown that there is an urgent need to closely guide and monitor the activities of the presidency and some political greenhorns serving as aides holding sensitive posts.
  • The above being the case, the Peoples’ Democratic National Youth Frontier hereby affirms its commitment to the progress & unity of Nigeria as well as its loyalty to the National Headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party. God Bless Nigeria and the PDP.