PDP Caucus Vows To Resist Plot To Unseat Dogara


Leader of the PDP Caucus at the Lower House, Hon. Leo Ogor has vowed to resist any form of political maneuvering and scheming aimed at removing the embattled Speaker of the House Of Representatives Yakubu Dogara.

Leo Ogor has said he is ready to face any form of investigation over the alleged padding of the 2016 budget.

Hon. Leo Ogor said:

“I’m ready to confront Hon. Abdulmunin Jibrin in the presence of security agencies and expose the atrocities he committed while working on our budget.”

“I don’t know why he’s dragging me into the mess he deliberately created without due consultation as I was at no time a member of his committee or the expanded harmonization committee of both legislative Houses”.

“We members of the PDP family will resist it with the last drop of blood from our veins.”

“You can’t sack a man for performing his legislative duties, Dogara has done nothing wrong so why should anybody contemplate sacking him.”

“Like I told you earlier, I’m ready to face our security agencies on this padding matter as I want them to extend the invitation to me to give the accurate account of what actually transpired.”

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“The legislature has nothing to hide in this regard as everything is in black and white.”

“You journalists are not doing enough investigative journalism because you would have discovered by now that Jibrin has no case at all.”

“Take for instance, the NDDC budget which the committee appropriated N26billion and Jibrin unilaterally reduced it to N21bn and nobody till date could trace where he kept the N5bn he removed.”

“As for those who said I mutilated the NDDC budget, how is that possible when I was never at anytime involved at both the harmonization committee level or the appropriation committee level?”

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