Psquare Feud: Paul Okoye Regrets And Blames Self For Fight With Brother [Video]


Paul Okoye, a.k.a Rudeboy, a former member of defunct music group, Psquare has expressed regrets for his role in the fight that teared the duo apart.

In an interview with on Beat FM, Lagos, Paul said that he regrets tweeting about his family feud at the heat of the Psquare crisis.

When asked about the issue with his family, Paul said he doesn’t want to “play politics” with music and won’t be talking about his family issues in public. His words:

“I think I was very stupid to have tweeted about our issues and I think something got into me. I regret making those comments and I want my fans to forgive me.”

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In the interview which was centered on his solo music career and expectations from his fans, Paul said in preparation for 2018, he made a decision to take everything seriously and move on from the drama with his brother Mr P.

Rudeboy also revealed that he doesn’t know if there will be a PSquare song again or if he is interested in doing one. Paul further noted that he had a solo performance at the just concluded PhynoFest in Enugu.

When asked if he won’t feel awkward looking across the stage and not seeing his brother, Paul responded saying, “It’s a new year for me and all that is gone is gone since November 1st.”

Paul also disclosed that he plans to release a solo album next year. He also added that he wasn’t supposed to drop his new singles but felt he needed something to start his “new year” (November 1st).

“I have been living in the studio for the past few weeks and I have 90-100 songs available. I could drop two albums today if I want to. My eye don open, dey just free lion commot for cage.”

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On how he feels about speculations that he can’t sustain his career alone, he said his music will speak for itself.

When a fan sent in a question asking if the brothers could make up and get back together, he said “No be me sign paper say I wan commot.”

On his working relationship with his brother, Jude Okoye, Rudeboy said “there used to be three of us, now there’s two of us; Jude is still my manager.”

Watch the video below;

It will be recalled that earlier in November, Peter Okoye, a.k.a Mr. P stated that he was done doing business with his brothers – Paul and Jude Okoye.

In an interview with Inspiration 92.3 FM in Lagos. Peter explained to his fans what truly transpired between himself and his brothers and why the Psquare brand is no more.

According to him, the Okoye family is more important than the business side of things and singing together is breaking their relationship, which he doesn’t want, adding that he’s done with doing business (i.e. music) with his family.

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While explaining his future plans, Mr P stressed that he can perform any of P Square’s songs on stage since he contributed to making them, adding that his brother (Paul) can do so as well.

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