Patience Ozokwor: Mama G Reveals Why She Plays Wicked Roles In Movies


Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, popularly known as Mama G has revealed that the roles she plays in movies make her cry when she sits down to watch them at home.

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Speaking to the Tribune in an interview Patience Ozokwor said:

“Sometimes, I cry when I watch some of the characters I had played in movies at home. I just thanked God it wasn’t the real me that was involved, but a character.

“Nearly all the movies where I played wicked roles made me cry because I remember what that character had done to somebody.

“I do these jobs to the best of ability because I want to sit down at home, watch and cry over what I’m doing to people.

“Two of the roles that caused me the most tears were: one role where I seized the feeding bottle of a month-old-baby and threw it away.

“I wept profusely after that scene that the director had to stop shooting until I was able to control myself. If someone had done it in real life, I would have exposed the fellow to the world to see.”

Patience Ozokwor

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“There was another one where I went to take my sister’s daughter from the village, what I did to the girl, if any human being can do it to a fellow human being, I don’t know what God would do to that person in turn.

“I met her in the kitchen, beat her so much that she fell down the stairs, rolled down and died from broken head and pains all over.

“I’d been playing wicked roles but those two movies are exceptionally horrible. I doubt that any human being would do that to anyone.”

Speaking on why she takes up such characters in movies Patience Ozokwor said:

“When I play the role of a bad woman, I see myself at that instance as a mirror through which I want society to see and appreciate the fact that it is not good to be bad. This is the reason I do it with so much passion that it becomes almost believable.

“I also see such roles as an opportunity to minister to lost and wicked souls that jealousy, hatred, envy and all the likes can only bring one to ruins.”

In another interview with a Ghanaian television station, RTV, the veteran actress who is now an Evangelist revealed how she was forced into marriage by her parents at the age of 19.

“I was forced into it many years ago, and I did not see any reason my parents were forcing me as I was still young and even at that age, I had so many suitors.

“You know when you come from a polygamous family and your mother is struggling for her own daughters to get married and this other one is also struggling for her own daughters to get married and when this one [a suitor] came around and my mother said go and I could not make a choice.

“I was not allowed to make a choice. At the end, I had to obey my parents.

“I was not brought up to disobey them at all.”

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When asked if she enjoyed the marriage she said:

“Sincerely speaking as a Christian I did not. The marriage was not easy at all for me as a young girl, it was not easy.”

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