Patience Jonathan Denies Ownership Of $175m In Her Skye Bank Account


There has been so much fuss around the monies in the bank account of the former first lady, Patience Jonathan.

However, with the most recent in view, she has denied ownership of $175m allegedly found in her Skye bank account.

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According to reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been trying to find the whereabout of the $175,750,000 that was deposited in Patience’s bank account.

The agency said the cash was withdrawn from her account and disappeared without a trace.

Patience Jonathan reacted to that allegation, stating that EFCC has not linked her to the investigation and claimed that she only had $1om in her bank account before it was blocked by the EFCC.

To that regard, she released a statement signed by her spokesman, Sam Dokubo:

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“The purported story in a newspaper on November 19, 2016, about a missing $175m allegedly belonging to the former first lady is not just fictitious but plain falsehood,” it read.

“The EFCC has not made any statement to the existence of an investigation of any missing $175m linked to the former first lady.

“If any such funds as claimed, which was deposited by certain verifiable persons has gone missing without a trace from a known bank, Skye Bank, as was reported, then, the bank, its officials and those mentioned must be held to account for the funds and not the former first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who was in no way a part of the transaction.

“The claim that the money was credited to a company linked to Dame Patience Jonathan is also false; otherwise it should be officially substantiated with credible evidence by Skye Bank and the EFCC that are jointly mentioned in the report.”

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