Pasuma Has Ten Children But No Wife – Meet The Women He Has Been Linked To

Alhaji Wasiu Ajibola Odetola, known by his stage name Pasuma, is one of the strong pillars of Fuji music in Nigeria today. He is known to have ten children from several women and has dated several high-class women. However, he is still single at over 56 years of age. Here are facts about Pasuma’s girlfriends, his children, and his reasons for being single at his current age.

Pasuma’s Girlfriends were at Least 6, but He Married None

All through his journey in life till his present age of 56, Pasuma has dated lots of women, some of whom had kids for him during their relationship. Some of his previous love affairs can also be traced to notable Nollywood actresses.

Listed below are the women that have been linked to Pasuma in the past.

  • Ayo Adesanya
  • Jaiye Kuti
  • Iyabo Ojo
  • Alhaja Agbeke Babra
  • Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola
  • Ronke Odusanya (Flakky Ididowo)

Ayo Adesanya tops the list as one of Pasuma’s Girlfriends

  • Full name: Ayo Adesanya
  • Year of birth: 11th August 1969
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Occupation: Film actress, movie director, and producer
  • Marital Status: Divorced (Omogoriola Hassan)
  • Children: 1 (Niyi Iremitide)

Another well-known Yoruba actress who has dated the Fuji exponent (Pasuma) in the past is Ayo Adesanya, a well respected and cool-headed actress, movie director, and producer. She is a common face in Yoruba and English Nollywood movies, and she has won several awards for herself in the entertainment industry.

Her relationship with Pasuma was one of a kind that suits the heart of the Fuji icon. She seems to meet up with all the requirements set by the ace Fuji musician for any woman that will win his heart over. Pasuma, in his words, admitted that he would have married by now, and Ayo Adesanya would have been the lucky woman. He professed his depth of love for her in an interview he granted the media.

It is needless to say that the romantic relationship of Pasuma and Ayo Adesanya crashed along the line. No thanks to journalists who snapped them while they were together in an event and made news out of it, thereby blowing open what they had kept in secret over some time and cherished dearly. The issue became something Ayo could not deal with, so she became unhappy about the situation and started withdrawing from the relationship. Though Ayo has moved on, Pasuma is still very much in love with the beautiful actress and even insisted on marrying her the following day if she should reconsider him today.

Jaiye Kuti was Rumored to be one of Pasuma’s Girlfriends

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  • Full name: Jayie Oluwakemi Kuti
  • Birthday: 10th of July
  • Occupation: Actress and Businesswoman
  • Marital Status: Mr. Lanre Kuti
  • Children: 2 (a boy and girl)

Jaiye Kuti is a veteran actress who has featured in several Yoruba movies over the years and is still very active in Yoruba Nollywood. She is a movie producer and has produced over 12 movies. Her exact year of birth is unknown, but she celebrates her birthday on the 10th of July every year.

Apart from acting, she is known to have other businesses/sources of income. She has endorsement deals with some companies such as Laba Foods, Dano Milk, Smart Fashion Academy. She also has an endorsement deal with a real estate company Safri Homes and Properties Ltd. Moreover, Jaiye Kuti is reported to be in charge of her husband’s hotel bar sections, as her husband is known to have two hotels. She is also into real estate property management, as she is known to have properties in different locations in Lagos and beyond, such as Agbowa and Imota in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos State.

For quite some time now, there has been news in the public domain on Pasuma’s marriage to the veteran actress, based on their pictures made available on the internet that looks more like a traditional wedding and that of a newly married couple. But the fact remains that Pasuma and Jaiye Kuti are not married, neither are they into any relationship. The news of their marriage has been debunked by both Pasuma himself and Jaiye Kuti in their different interview sections granted to the media. They have both flagged the news as a baseless rumor that is far away from the truth.

Jaiye Kuti stated that Pasuma featured in one of her movies some time ago, and they had a wedding in the movie. However, when some of the photoshoots got to the public, news began to fly around that she is married to the Fuji icon. The news was all over the internet and media sites. According to her, people only read the headline in that news and not the news content, and they jumped to the conclusion that We’ve married. In her words,

“Pasuma was only featured in the movie and paid for his job, that’s all, nothing more nothing less. Since the movie was shot, I have not seen Pasuma, I have my husband, and we are happily married with children.”

Thus, Jaiye is nowhere close to being one of Pasuma’s girlfriends.

Pasuma Denied Rumors of Dating Iyabo Ojo

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  • Full name: Alice Iyabo Ojo
  • Date of birth: 21 December 1977
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Occupation: Film actress, director, and produce
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: 2 (Festus Oladunjoye Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo)

Iyabo Ojo is another notable female actress in the Yoruba and English Nollywood mentioned in the past as one of Pasuma’s girlfriends. She is a movie producer, a scriptwriter, and a movie director. She also has a film production company. Apart from acting, she has an event management outfit, a lounge, and a restaurant. Iyabo also has some endorsement deals with notable companies as well.

As said earlier, Pasuma was said to be dating Iyabo Ojo due to their cordial connection. Despite this connection that was believed to be romantic and the fund that was heard to be given by Pasuma to Iyabo Ojo to start her restaurant business, Pasuma has come out to debunk the rumor of him dating Iyabo Ojo. He said they are just friends and no strings attached. He reiterated that they have not dated before and are not dating; he said the idea of dating has never for once crossed their mind.

Ronke Odusanya made the List as one of Pasuma’s Girlfriends

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  • Full name: Ronke Odunsanya
  • Year of birth: 3rd May 1973
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Marital Status: Separated
  • Children: 1 (a daughter)

Ronke Odusanya is yet another popular Yoruba actress linked to Pasuma. She was said to have dated the Fuji maestro before. Ronke Odusanya is a movie director, producer, actress, and scriptwriter. She was rumored to have been one of Pasuma’s girlfriends, while other less critical reports had it that she was in a relationship with Pasuma some time ago before it went sour between the two.

Ronke Odusanya, in one of her interviews, confirmed that she had dated Pasuma before, but the relationship did not last. She stated that not all relationship leads to marriage, among them is the relationship between herself and the Fuji musician. She predicted that the fact that both of them are celebrities might be accountable for the failure in their relationship.

Alhaja Agbeke Babra Bore Pasuma His First Son

Pasumas girlfriends
Alhaja Agbeke Babra, Ajibola Odetola and Pasuma
  • Full name: Alhaja Agbeke Babra
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Children: 1 (Ajibola Odetola with Pasuma)

Among the few celebrity women that had children for Pasuma during their relationship is Alhaja Agbeke Babra, a light-skinned, charming, and attractive woman, believed to be in her 40’s and living large in her way. She is the mother of Ajibola Odetola, one of Pasuma’s sons, who is also believed to be his eldest son. In addition, she seems to have only one child for the Fuji musician, as she’s often been seen with only Ajibola.

Not much information is known about Alhaja as one of Pasuma’s girlfriends, except for few pictures she took with her son, which were released on the internet. From what we gathered, she is not active on social media platforms, but her son is an active user.

Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola Claimed She was Married to Pasuma

Pasumas Wives
Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola and Pauma
  • Full name: Alhaja Yetunde Babajide Odetola
  • Year of birth: Unknown
  • Occupation: Businesswoman
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Children: Unknown

Alhaja Yetunde is a big-time businesswoman who is the Chief Executive Officer of Yefadot Group of Companies, which has several subsidiaries. She is known for her business acumen and influence. She is also involved in politics and holds the revered title of Iyalode of the whole Ojodu kingdom in Lagos State.

Alhaja Yetunde claimed she is legally married to Pasuma, and their marriage is over 7 years now. She said in an interview that destiny had brought the two of them together and that she never thought someone like her could marry him (Pasuma) because of her status (she is well educated, a businesswoman, and a politician). But some sources have debunked the interview as not genuine and her claim as being one of Pasuma’s wives as fictitious.

Pasuma’s Girlfriends Bore Him 10 Children, Meet Some of Them Here

Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is undoubtedly a father of many children from several women and a man who has dated several women but has not yet married any of them. But he hopes to settle down with a woman of his choice soon. The Fuji maestro is reported to have 10 children, and he is proud of them all, though they were born out of wedlock with various women. Out of the ten children, seven of them are females, while the remaining three are males. It is also confirmed that the majority of them live abroad.

Listed below are Pasuma’s children:

  • Wasilat
  • Rokeebat
  • Amirah
  • Barakat
  • Was bar
  • Sultan
  • Opeyemi
  • Aliyah
  • Waris
  • Ajibola

Pasuma’s First Daughter Wasilat is 31 Years Old

Wailat and Pasuma
Wasilat and Pasuma

Pasuma’s first daughter, who also happens to be his first child, was born on January 22, 1993, and she is currently 31 years old. She is a graduate of Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo State. Though not much is known or reported about her mother, she shares a strong bond with her father. According to Wasilat, ‘Pasuma is the best father in the world, and if allowed to come to the world again, she will be his daughter.’ She said her father allowed them to be whatever they want to be in life.

Barakat Odetola is Pasuma’s Second Daughter

Pasumas girlfriends
Barakat Odetola and Pasuma

Barakat celebrates her birthday 21st of October every year. She graduated from Lead City University, where she studied Politics and International Relations. She also got her Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos. She is the second daughter of the Fuji music icon. She tied the knot with the love of her life (Olajuwon Babatunde Bello) on the 8th of April, 2021. Not much is known about her mother or what she currently does for a living.

Odetola Rokeebat Omobolaji is One of Pasuma’s Daughters

Odetola Rokeebat Omobolaji
Odetola Rokeebat Omobolaji

Rokeebat is another beautiful daughter of Pasuma. Not much of her information is found in the public domain, but she is a graduate and a business owner. She is the CEO of Rawkey Entertainment. As a lovely daughter that enjoys a rich bond with her father, Rokeebat is often seen with her father.

US Naval Officer Opeyemi Odetola is one of Pasuma’s Daughters

Pasuma is also the father of an American Naval officer. His daughter Opeyemi Odetola, who had in 2018 graduated from a high school in Georgia, became a commissioned US Naval officer in 2020. Her elated father took to his social media to share the good news with his friends and well-wishers.

Ajibola Odetola is Pasuma’s First Son

Pasumas girlfriends
Pasuma and Ajibola Odetola

Ajibola Odetola is one of the sons of Pasuma. He bears the same name as his father, and his mother is Alhaja Agbeke Babra, a fair and attractive woman who doesn’t have much presence on social media. Not much information is available about her.

Ajibola, a handsome-looking young lad with a striking resemblance to his father, is a brand influencer with an active presence on social media. He has over ten thousand followers on Instagram. Ajibola lives abroad and enjoys his father’s love which he showers on him massively. He also enjoys his mother’s love, care, and support.

Why is Pasuma Not Yet Married Despite His Numerous Girlfriends?

Like every other individual, Pasuma has his reservations when it comes to settling down with a woman. His beliefs and views about marriage may seem to be a little vicious and different from his colleagues in the Fuji genre, but he sure knows his onions and what he wants in a relationship.

According to him in one of his interview sessions, marriage is not one of those things to rush into. One must be able to clearly define what he wants in marriage and his life partner. When asked the kind of woman he is interested in getting married to, he was swift to reply that he wanted a God-fearing woman, a woman that is educated and homely, and a woman with a genuine love for him.

Having defined in clear terms what he wanted in his wife to be, it is apparent that these features combined make a strong and stringent condition or requirement to be fulfilled by our modern-day women, some of whom had betrayed Pasuma’s trust and broken his heart in his past relationship with them. For someone that is not ready to bend the rule, this might take a long while to find a woman that will meet all the requirements. For one of Pasuma’s girlfriends to emerge as his wife would definitely be a tall order to fulfill.

With these facts at one’s disposal, it can be easily deduced why Pasuma has not settled down with a woman, despite his age and achievements in life. Though this may not be too easy to handle, as there can be pressures from family and friends, he never seems bothered as such and takes solace because God has blessed him enough with children; this is his greatest joy. In one of his interviews, when asked why he is still single, he said he is not single, as he said he had ten children, and they are more than a wife to him.


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