Pastor Okotie Names Trump As US Next President, Accuses Democrats


Popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okotie of the Household of God International Ministries has declared his support for the US Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump as he accused Barack Obama of luring Americans away from God.

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The church general overseer, took to his Facebook page and said the 44th and current President of the U.S, Barack Hussein Obama, has turned people away from God, hence, the 70-year-old Republican nominee deserves to win in the November 8 United States, U.S election.

Pastor Okotie wrote on his Facebook page:

“America’s problem is not gender inequality or a parochial appreciation of immigration sensibilities. 

“It is the manifest due goodness of secular humanism as defined by a generation of haters of God and his anointed who are given to a sinister spirit of hedonistic (devoted to pleasure) nihilism (rejection of all moral principles).

Okotie specifically pointed out that the US democrats has subsequently lead the country’s citizens away from the foundation in which America became world power. Hence he considered victory of the Republicans, a platform for Americans to return to God.

Pastor Okotie Names Trump As US Next President, Accuses Democrats

The former presidential candidate in Nigeria added:

“This is not about Trump or Clinton but the spirit and philosophy that galvanize their political platforms as Republicans and Democrats. It is righteousness that exalts a nation not competence and glib political rhetoric.

“Obama and the Democratic party have placed America precariously on the edge of a precipice in diametrical opposition to God.

“Trump’s victory is the first step towards a national reconciliation and rapprochement with God.

“Who is on God’s side?” 

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Meanwhile the United States of America’s election poll today, October 27 shows Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party leading by 44% against Trump’s 41% vote preferences, in many of the key swing states in the country.