Caught In The Act: Pastor Runs Naked To Escape Death By Mistress’ Husband


The Senior pastor of Jacob Chapel Baptist Church, a popular church in Tallahassee, Florida, who recently authored a book focused on issues of godly manhood, was sent running for his life on Tuesday, January 17, after been found in bed with a married woman who happened to be one of his member’s wife.

The 37-year-old pastor, O. Jermaine Simmons who is married with one child ran away naked when the husband of his mistress caught them in action.

Pastor Simmons was at Claynisha Stephens’ (his partner in crime) home in Tallahassee, Florida, to “talk over starting a business, patents and trademarks, and providing less fortunate kids with clothes and shoes” when he became intimate with the married woman on her daughter’s bed in the middle of the afternoon on January 17.

In less than an hour after they kicked off the show, the woman’s husband, Benjamin, 38, returned home with their sick six-year-old son after getting a call from his school and caught the duo right in the act.

Efforts by teachers to reach the married woman – 34-year-old Mrs. Stephens was futile as she didn’t answer the phone having already gotten into bed with the pastor, a police report indicated.

Furious to have found the pair in throws of passion, the husband threatened Simmons; ‘I’m going to kill you!’ and the pastor ran away without his clothes, keys, phone or wallet to hide in a fence as his lover’s husband retrieved a handgun from his bedroom.

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Pastor Runs Naked To Escape Death By Mistress’ Husband

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On hearing the threat, the frightened pastor fled the couple’s home naked without waiting to see what would happen. The enraged husband attempted to chase after the pastor but his wife stepped in front of him and begged him not to kill her lover in front of their son.

She told police that her husband decided against shooting her because her son was present. She explained that she tried to gather the pastor’s clothes to return them to him but her husband took the clothes and said he would drop them off at the church.

Claynisha said her husband stated that he “should have shot Simmons and expose him.” He also threatened to expose him on Facebook and show up at church on Sunday to “make a statement” but she pleaded with him not to make a statement to the church because it would make their pastor “look bad.” Her husband allegedly told her to “shut up” while still waving the handgun around but not directly at her.

The frightened pastor had one of his other parishioners pick him up from where he was hiding and indicated that along with all his clothes, Claynisha’s husband had taken his car keys, wallet, business keys and other personal effects.

Police were eventually able to arrange for the return of the pastor’s belongings.

Claynisha, who has been married for seven years, told police that she first met Simmons in 2014, but “they have been establishing a relationship” as of October 2016.

Pastor Simmons has since apologized to Jacob Chapel Baptist Church and revealed that his wife is standing by him.

See apology video below: