Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth and Private Jet

Pastor Adeboye’s net worth is estimated to be above $65 million, making him one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. With his huge net worth, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) General Overseer lives a luxury lifestyle that includes reportedly owning three private jets.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye is one of the most popular men of God in Nigeria. He has made a name and massive wealth for himself through his career as a pastor. He also runs other businesses and owns real estate that has made sure he will remain very wealthy. Here is a look at all of them.

What is Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth?

Pastor Adeboye’s net worth is estimated between $65 million to $80 million. The man of God is seen to have made a huge part of his wealth through his service in the ministry. He has also made a considerable amount through the educational wing of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He also has his hands on other businesses and is quite successful at them.

Sources of Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth

There are various ways that Pastor Adeboye makes his money. Below are the streams of Pastor Adeboye’s income:

1. Church Collections

Pasto Adeboye is one of the most famous pastors both in Nigeria and the world at large owing to the establishment of his church in various countries. He joined the RCCG in 1973 and was ordained a pastor in 1977.

In 1987, he was ordained as the General Overseer of the church. From then to date, he has grown the church and has succeeded in establishing it in every corner of the world. Today, the church has over 1000 branches in various places in Nigeria and beyond. Pastor Adeboye earns massively from the tithes and offerings recovered from the church.

The Redemption Camp in Lagos has over 100,000 members that attend its programs, held at least three times a week. Other branches over the world also hold their meeting three times a week. The church is known to recover a lot from the tithes and offerings collected on each of the meeting days, which collectively amount to millions or above.

The church is also known to collect seeds and donations. Sometime in 2013, the church recovered billions of Naira for the construction of the new auditorium, stretching three kilometers in breadth. The donations for the project came in batches of those that donated N1 billion, N100 million, N50 million, and many more. Members of the church from all around the world donated towards the project, which was remitted to the Lagos headquarters.

With this, it is certain that the church has wealthy and successful members that contribute to its financial growth. Though he doesn’t bag all the money that flows into the church account, he is being paid from the money recovered. Though he didn’t earn much at the beginning of his career, he is seen to earn massively now with the growth of the church over the years.

2. He Established Educational Institutions

Having obtained various degrees and experience in the education sector, Pastor Adeboye established institutions under the church. Below are the educational institutions run by the church:

  • RCCG Secondary Schools

RCCG has two secondary schools established in its name in which money is realised from. Christ The Redeemer International School and Redeemer’s High School are both mission schools under the RCCG church. Both schools were established with the vision of creating something extraordinary.

In addition to the vision, they want to give every student the platform to learn in a godly environment free from cultism and filled with lively thoughts that will make them world-class students.

  • RCCG University

Since the establishment of the Redeemer’s University in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, they have recorded over 2,000 students. It is known as one of the best private universities that operates under a church. It is made up of eight faculties, which include the faculty of engineering, faculty of environmental sciences, faculty of law, faculty of basic medical sciences, faculty of natural sciences, faculty of social sciences, faculty of management sciences, and the faculty of humanities.

The institution runs both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and has recorded numerous successes since it went into session. One of their remarkable achievements is their accuracy in diagnosing the first case of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

The school has obtained a high level of recognition and has a good number of students. With a tuition fee of about N300,000 and above, the school is seen to generate a reasonable income for the church and the G.O.

  • Redeemed Christian Bible College and School of Discipleship

Prior to establishing academic institutions, Pastor Adeboye established the Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC) in September 1980. The Bible school was set up to provide quality theological training to Christians. In 1985, he established the school of discipleship, which is coordinated by the Training Bureau of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The institution was set up to train Christians to become true and genuine followers of Christ. Students under these two religious schools also pay fees to gain knowledge, and the G.O also earns from this.

3. The G.O Is An Author of Many Books

Pastor Adeboye, being a man with a wealth of wisdom, has authored many books. He is the brainbox behind the RCCG Sunday School Manual for adults, teens, and children. Pastor Adeboye has also written inspirational books which have impacted many lives.

His books are translated into other languages such as French so that members of non-English speaking countries can read them. Below is a list of some of his inspirational books:

  • The Overflowing Christian
  • The Ten Virgins
  • Open Heaven
  • The New Life
  • Time Of Favor
  • Practical Guides For Prosperity (vol 1-4)
  • The Tale of The Three Women
  • Anatomy of Greatness
  • Carriers of His Power
  • The Gate of Mercy
  • God Has a Purpose For Your Life
  • The Swimming Axe-head

4. He Owns A Health Center

Pastor Adeboye is without doubt a versatile person and has extended his business to the health sector. Together with his wife, they established a secondary health care center known as the Redeemer’s Health Center in 2010 in Ibadan. The hospital is made up of specialist clinics like the dental clinic, antenatal clinic, cardiology clinic, medical laboratory, and many more.

They also provide services in areas such as renal dialysis, drug dispensation, ultrasound scan, accident and emergency, family planning, ambulance services, and many others. The hospital is well equipped with sophisticated medical gadgets. It also has qualified medical personnel who are always available to administer treatment at any time.

The G.O also uses the health center as a means to give back to society as he occasionally offers free treatment to people with special cases.

5. Emmanuel Aviation

It is no doubt that the man of God has his hands in almost all sectors of the economy. Emmanuel Aviation is a private jet hiring company established by Pastor Adeboye. The company, which started its operations in 2005, is registered in both the US and Nigeria. It has like two or more private jets functioning under it and is seen to rake in a lot of income for the G.O.

6. Real Estate Investments

Pastor Adeboye expanded his investment portfolio into real estate. He owns real estate that is situated along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Though many details about the real estate are unknown, it costs quite a  fortune.

Summary of Pastor Adeboye’s Streams Of Income

  • The Church
  • Educational Institutions
  • Books
  • Health Center
  • Emmanuel Aviation
  • Real estate investment

A Comparison of Daddy G.O’s Net Worth To Other Nigerian Pastors

Nigeria has lots of rich pastors that are famous and have made a fortune for themselves. Below is a comparison of some pastors’ net worth to that of Pastor Adeboye.

Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth vs Pastor David Oyedepo’s Net Worth

With a net worth that is estimated at above $150 million, Pastor David Oyedepo has ranked in the first three on the list of the richest pastors in Africa. The Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, a.k.a Winners Chapel, established his church in 1981 after a long encounter with God. He oversaw the growth of the church and today it is one of the biggest churches with various branches all over Nigeria and beyond.

Pastor David is seen to have amassed a huge chunk of his net worth through the church. He has a wealth of knowledge and has authored over 100 inspirational and life-impacting books, which are sold in his branches all over the globe. The Bishop has also invested in the education sector and has established primary and secondary institutions.

In addition, he owns a number of prestigious universities; Covenant University, Crown University, and Landmark University. He also has real estate investments that earn him quite a fortune. Having acquired a net worth of above $150 million, Pastor David Oyedepo’s net worth is more than that of Pastor Adeboye’s.

Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth Compared to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Net Worth

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. With his net worth, he has been able to get himself a spot among the richest pastors in Nigeria and Africa. He is a preacher, televangelist, author, and founding pastor of the Christ Embassy Church.

Before he started the Christ Embassy Church in 1987, Pastor Chris started off by organizing fellowships in school. Today, with the growth of the church, he has joined the caucus of the richest pastors with his huge net worth through his various endeavors.

He earns a reasonable chunk of his net worth through the church. Just like many other men of God, he is a man of the word and has many books to his name which are sold all over the branches of the Church. He also generates funds from his e-library, known as the Pastor Chris Digital Library.

It’s no doubt that the man of God is digitally savvy as he also makes money from his numerous mainstream media. His mainstream media includes LOVEWORLDSAT, LOVEWORLDTV, LOVEWORLD Canada, LOVEWORLD USA, and LOVEWORLD PLUS. The church also runs a music record label, Believer’s Loverworld Music.

The music label has signed numerous successful musicians like Sinach, Frank Edwards, etc. Comparing the two pastors’ net worth, it can be seen that Pastor Adeboye’s net worth is higher than that of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Adeboye’s Net Worth vs Pastor Kumuyi’s Net Worth

Pastor Kumuyi is one of the renowned pastors in Nigeria with a net worth that is estimated at $10 million. He is the pastor and general overseer behind the success of the Deeper Life Bible Church. Having made quite a fortune, he has gained a spot for himself as one of the richest Nigerian pastors.

The Deeper Life Bible Church started as a fellowship in the 1970s and has grown to become one of the biggest churches in Nigeria and beyond. Just like many other wealthy Nigerian pastors, he is seen to make a huge chunk of his net worth through the church. He also earns from the various levels of educational institutions established under the church.

Pastor Kumuyi also makes money from the sales of the numerous books that he has authored as well as many other sources. With his net worth, it is seen that Pastor Adeboye’s net worth is higher.

How Pastor Adeboye Spends His Wealth

Pastor Adeboye is a man of humility and is seen to have acquired a lot silently. Having acquired such a huge net worth, he has splashed himself with enough luxury. As much as the man of God is seen to keep a low profile when it comes to his acquisitions, it still makes waves to the public.

He Owns Several Private Jets

Below are the private jets acquired by Pastor Adeboye:

1. Gulfstream GIV

The Gulfstream GIV was the first private jet that was acquired by the Man of God. Though the amount that the jet was acquired is unknown, a Gulfstream GIV is known to cost $26 million and above. The jet, which had the tail number N707EA, was used to convey the man of God round the world for his programs. Reports have it that he jettisoned the jet after he got a new one.

2. Gulfstream G550 Luxury Jet

Pastor Adeoye purchased the Gulfstream G550 luxury jet in 2015 for a whopping sum of $65 million. The jet was manufactured by a jet manufacturing company based in Savannah, Georgia, in the United States of America. Though the man of God didn’t announce it, the Sahara reporters took it upon themselves to make the announcement.

3. He Once Acquired an Helicopter

Reports had it that the G.O had acquired a helicopter in 2020. The helicopter, with the registration number 5NEAA, was bought for the purpose of transporting Pastor Adeboye for his ministerial work. The amount that he got the helicopter was not revealed but is known to cost quite a fortune. In April 2020, the helicopter was suspended by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority from flying.

This was because of its alleged expired papers and worn-out spare parts that needed to be replaced. In September 2021, the man of God sold out the helicopter because of the huge sum attached to its maintenance.

Adeboye Owns Many Vehicles

The number of automobiles in Pastor Adeboye’s collection is unknown. However, reports have it that he owns a good number of posh cars. Among his cars is the bullet proof Rolls Royce Phantom that costs about $400,00 million.

He is said to own a Land Rover Discovery that cost about $80 million and a Mercedes Benz Geladewagen that costs about $100,000 million. There are several other rides that are reportedly owned by the G.O.


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