Paradise Payment Nigeria: How Does It Work, How Can One Be Able To Login?

Paradise Payment Nigeria (PPN), as its creator would have us believe, is a unique member-to-member payment system established with the purpose of generating wealth for everyone.

On PPN, participants make direct payment to one another without involving a third party. PPN was created by Paradise Payments, a direct sales company, and is considered one of the easiest channels of generating wealth legitimately.

As it is common with money donation schemes, PPN requires its members to refer many users for fast payment. However, it is not mandatory to refer people before participants get paid but people who do this get paid faster than inactive members.

The platform basically runs three packages, which are the Paradise Payment Nigeria Gold package, Paradise Payment Nigeria Silver package, and Paradise Payment Nigeria Bronze package. It is also important to note that there is no central account on PPN, therefore, the scheme doesn’t refund people’s money, as transactions are strictly between members.

PPN Packages

Gold Package

The requests of subscribers on this package are served because it is hosted on a standalone server. Participants are only allowed to invest amount such as N20,000, N50,000, and N100,000 on this package.

Silver Package

This package is made up of two levels. Here, participants earn up to N160,000 when they pay N10,000. Here are details of the PPN silver package.

Level 1
Pay N5,000 and receive N20,000 from 4 people.

Level 2
Pay N10,000 and receive N160,000 from 16 people.

Bronze Package

Here, members begin payments with N1,500 and can pay as much as N10,000 when they move to level 3. Here’s a breakdown of the bronze package:

Level 1
Pay N1,500 and earn N6,000 from 4 people.

Level 2
Pay N,3000 and earn N48,000 from 16 people.

Level 3
Pay N10,000 and earn N320,000 from 32 people.

Paradise Payment Nigeria: How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, PPN works only on the member-to-member basis and there is no third party involved in the transaction process. In addition, people are not really obliged to refer other participants before they get paid, rather, everyone is expected to help and support donation system.

  • How to Navigate:

1. You can join the scheme by signing up on

2. Fill the required fields and submit the form.

3.  After your successful registration, login with your password and username to access your member area.

4. Login to your member area by clicking on the login icon placed at the top menu.

5. You’ll be directed to the ‘member’s menu. Once you are there, click on ‘payment info’.

6. Fill in your bank details and click ‘submit’.

Paradise Payment Nigeria

How Can One Be Able To Login?

1. To log in, you need to visit the PPN site –

2. Click on the login icon, which is placed on the top menu.

How To Make Donation

1. Get your money handy. You don’t need millions to become a member. You can donate N1,500, N5,000, N10,000 or N20,000 for a start.

2. Move to the ‘Member’ menu and click on ‘Donate Now!’.

3. Choose the amount you wish to start with and click on ‘purchase’ to pay the amount to a member on the network.

4. Click on pending payment to know more about the PPN member you are to pay to. Details of the member that are found on the page include his phone number, account number, username, account name, and bank name.

5. Write down the person’s bank details and contact him. You are expected to make payment to the person’s account within 12 working hours (if not weekend).

6. Once the participant approves your payment, you will automatically become a Pro Member and will be paired to people to pay you. On PPN, the period of payment for the members is usually 2 to 5 days and you are expected to approve participants’ payments once you are paid.

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Quick Facts About PPN

1. Registration on PPN requires your email, phone number, name, and password, which will be created by you.

2. Registration is only open to people who are 18 years and above.

3. No member is allowed to have more than one account.

4. Participants are also not allowed to change sponsors.

5. On PPN, securing your transaction ID is as important as your payment. Note that your teller number is your transaction ID if you decide to make the payment through bank deposit. But if are paying through phone transfer, ATM transfer or other means of bank transfers, ensure to use your phone number or any unique transaction reference as your transaction ID.


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